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Superhero Box Office Stats and Batman Is Not ‘The Dark Knight’ Version

Published on April 11th, 2016 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

The movie isn’t doing bad, even though it had a sudden fall of 68% in the second week, it still passed Deadpool and that was a challange from the start! This movie will make somewhere between the $800 million and $1 billion.

This amazing movie from Warner Bros./DC Comics had a production budget of $400 million, with the marketing included. So if you do the math really quick, you know they have to make an $800 million to have the exact profit of what they put into the movie.

The movie has made a $783,485,542 being very close to what they have to earn! They have some time to go, but it will be a challange to get them over that mark. But, seeing as the movie is doing great in the box office, who knows how it’ll turn out!

Other news is that the speculations about Batman being the older version of the Nolan trilogy, has been finally broken. Charles Roven talken with comingsoon about their movie and Zack Snyder’s movie.

“We really wanted to make a clear demarcation line. Chris [Nolan], Emma [Thomas], and I would talk about how, in his “Dark Knight Trilogy” universe, there are no superheroes,” he explained. Which is a difference, because this world knows superheroes.

“In the universe we created with Man of Steel, there are superheroes. There are aliens. There are metahumans. The character of Batman isn’t Christian Bale ten years later, he’s different. He’s come up a different way.” Heck, it even comes down to Martha and Thomas Wayne, Roven said. “His parents, even though they died outside a movie theater, didn’t die outside an Opera theater. We thought about those things.”

Have you seen Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice? It’s out in the theatres now!

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