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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Published on January 31st, 2017 | Updated on February 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘We Can Be Heroes’

Kara is putting Mon-El through the paces in “Superhero Kindergarten.” He is doing okay-ish, but keeps managing to destroy at least one of the civilian cardboard cutouts. Kara tells him that the number one rule is to protect the people.

When Livewire escapes from prison, Kara is really angry. She considers Livewire to be her arch-rival and will do everything she can in order to stop her. Kara is talking with James about the breakout when he says that Kara doesn’t have to go it alone. There is someone who can help her. He is talking about himself as Guardian, but Kara thinks he means Mon-El. James tells Kara that he doesn’t think Mon-El has what it takes to be a hero.

Livewire attacks the police station, and Kara and Mon-El arrive to stop her. But she also isn’t working alone. One of the officers has the power of electricity. Kara tells Mon-El to protect the other officers while she deals with the two. They overpower her, and Mon-El leaves his post in order to save her. Luckily, James shows up to save the officers as Mon-El deflects electricity right at them. The blast knocks the officer and James out. Livewire and the officer disappear. Kara scolds Mon-El, then goes to see if the two are okay. She pulls off Guardian’s helmet to find James, and she isn’t happy. Not quite how I was expecting her to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, M’gann comes under a psychic attack and falls into a coma. Her brain is deteriorating and J’onn faces the decision to use the link between them to save her. He has held onto his hate of White Martians for so long. Alex offers some advice, saying that forgiveness isn’t for those that hurt you, but for yourself. J’onn decides to help M’gann. He enters her mind and finds that she is trapped in her memory on Mars. She tells J’onn that she was asked to kill a child, but couldn’t do it. M’gann tells J’onn to flee because they are going to find her and kill her. J’onn tells her that he forgives her. She is his friend and he will help her. M’gann is saved and comes out of the coma, but she has bad news for J’onn. She was trapped in her mind because she shielded herself from the White Martians. They know where she is now, and they are coming.

It turns out that Livewire didn’t actually escape from prison, she was kidnapped. A scientist is using her power in order to create super soldiers. The Livewire that attacked the police station was just a clone, while the real one has been strapped to a machine the whole time. Team Super asks Winn to find the location of Livewire, but instead, he reveals that information to James. They think that if James can take them down himself, Kara will believe he has what it takes. Mon-El overhears the location and heads there on his own. Naturally, everything goes wrong and the two end up captured.

Kara arrives on the scene, saves the boys, and then the three of them work together to take out the scientist, clone, and super soldier. Kara frees the real Livewire, who helps subdue the scientist. Livewire wants to kill him, but Kara kind of talks her down. Livewire offers an ultimatum, she goes free or the scientist dies. Kara agrees to give her a head start. Livewire disappears.

After all that, Kara and James have a talk. He says he won’t stop fighting, and would rather do it with her by his side. Kara says that she doesn’t support him. She won’t stand by and let him put himself in danger. And that’s a shame because they worked really well together. Even J’onn thinks that James and Winn are a good team, but tells Winn that if he ever withholds information from the DEO again, he will be fired.

Mon-El comes to Kara and tells her that the reason he went against her orders earlier was because he cares about her. He also finally admits to kissing her and explains that he thought he was dying. She looked so beautiful in that moment and he couldn’t stop himself. She doesn’t really respond and he takes this to mean that she doesn’t feel the same way about him. He leaves her to her thoughts.

This episode was all about character development. I hope that Kara will finally see the hero within James, but it might take a little bit. She is still feeling a little hurt that they went behind her back and kept the secret for so long. But I agree with James. Who is Kara to decide who is and isn’t a hero? Sure, James is putting himself in danger, but he is making a difference. He and Winn are becoming a well-oiled machine.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘The Martian Chronicles.’

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