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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Wake Up’

Published on November 21st, 2017 | Updated on December 1st, 2023 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Wake Up’

Some divers exploring the harbor to see what kind of damage was done by the submarine during the season premiere discover the ship stuck underwater. The ship fires at the divers, and luckily, they make it out of the ordeal alive. The DEO picks up on the ship and Kara, J’onn, and Winn head out to take a look inside. They find the cryogenic pods and discover that one of them is empty. They are then attacked by none other than Mon-El.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Wake Up'
Image: The CW

They get Mon-El back to the DEO where they run some tests. They are amazed to find that the lead in the atmosphere doesn’t affect him, even though it still should. Mon-El doesn’t really tell them anything, and none of them push the matter. The others leave Kara alone with him. She admits that it’s been incredibly hard since he left. He is glad to see her, but something does seem off about him. Kara allows him to rest, but Mon-El has plans of his own. He heads to the armory and is about to steal a gun when he is stopped by a few agents. He easily dispenses of them, but then Kara arrives and punches him out.

Meanwhile, Sam is starting to text the limits of her abilities by sticking her hand in boiling water. She is seriously panicking about the changes she’s experiencing and decides to have a talk with her adoptive mother. But the two of them don’t see eye-to-eye because of Ruby. Patricia didn’t do anything to help Sam once she became pregnant and it drove the two of them apart. However, when she hears Sam’s stories, she decides to tell Sam the truth. She takes her out to a barn and reveals a Kyrptonian pod. Patricia says that she found Sam and wanted her to live a normal life, so she kept everything a secret.

At the DEO, Mon-El is locked up and Kara is standing outside his cell when he wakes up. She is incredibly angry with him, asking why he is doing this. She doesn’t understand what is going on with him, but she wants to. He won’t tell her anything. Winn visits Mon-El later. He says that the Daxamite has changed and also just wants the truth. Mon-El pleads with Winn, asking for his help in escaping the DEO. Winn gives in.

Kara finds them on the ship, assuming that Mon-El kidnapped Winn in order to help him. Winn denies it, Mon-El saying he just needs his help. They get into another argument and Mon-El reveals that he was gone for seven years. This news stuns Kara. That’s when the ship’s systems start failing. If they don’t hurry, the other people in the pods will die. One of the pods fails and Mon-El does everything he can to break the glass and pull the woman out, but he isn’t strong enough. Kara steps in and saves her.

'Supergirl' Recap 'Wake Up'
Image: The CW

After, Mon-El thanks Kara for helping. They talk about the fact that Mon-El still wears the necklace that Kara gave him before he left in the pod. He says that he never forgot her in those seven years, but there’s something he needs to tell her. That’s when they’re interrupted by the woman from the pod, Imra, who Mon-El runs to. They kiss and then Mon-El introduces Kara to his wife.

Sam took a piece from the Kryptonian pod that is acting as a sort of beacon. It takes her into the middle of the dessert when suddenly a large structure bursts out of the ground. She enters and is greeted by the hooded figure she saw in a vision a couple of weeks ago. Sam is welcomed to the Fortress of Salvation. The woman tells her that it’s time to wake up and become the world killer. Earth will tremble before her, fearing her tremendous power. The woman tells her that she was supposed to have her awakening several years ago, but that was delayed because of a mistake, aka Ruby. Sam says that Ruby is the best thing that ever happened to her. Sam suddenly is overcome with pain. When it subsides, her eyes glow red and she speaks in a different language, announcing that she has awakened at last.

Reign has finally been born and not at all in the way I was expecting. Because she was forced to transform and didn’t make that choice, this leaves room for Sam to fight back against this new persona (kinda like Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost). I thought that Ruby would be killed and Sam’s powers would overtake her as a result. Ruby could now be the only thing to save her and stop Reign from becoming an actual world killer. I’m excited to see how this is all going to play out.

Mon-El has returned, but delivered a couple of twists along the way. I figured just from the way he was reacting to Imra almost dying that she was someone he really cared about. Wasn’t expecting her to be his wife. Definitely going to make things even harder for Kara. Melissa Benoist’s performance when she was talking to him in the cell was so emotional. She absolutely killed it.

J’onn had some bonding time with his father this week, and things are awkward between the two of them. M’yrnn doesn’t quite understand Earth and J’onn isn’t doing a great job of really devoting himself to his father. He is too worried about what’s going on at the DEO. In the end, J’onn finds a house for the two of them and says that he’s ready to really help M’yrnn adjust to life on Earth.

This episode has set up an interesting mid-season finale. I am most excited to see how everyone is going to react to Reign’s arrival.

The main story takes a break next week because of the crossover (and I’m super excited). So next time, ‘Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1.’

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