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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Truth, Justice, and the American Way’

Supergirl Recap ‘Truth, Justice, and the American Way’

Kara’s life continues to slowly unravel.

Last episode, Kara was trapped in a dream world by the Black Mercy, a parasitic plant, and only just managed to escape. She instantly went after Non, but wasn’t able to stop him from initiating his plan, Myriad. Meanwhile, Alex and Hank were locked in combat with Astra. Astra was about to kill Hank when Alex ran her through with a Kryptonite sword, killing her. When Kara arrives, Hank says he was the one who did it. Kara isn’t handling her aunt’s death too well and is taking her remorse out on Hank. Alex is being eaten alive by the guilt, but can’t bring herself to tell Kara, or just gets interrupted. This episode begins with Non showing up and asking Kara to join him for Astra’s funeral. After, he tells Kara that he will respect the two week morning period, but when he comes back, he will end her.

There’s an alien serial killer on the loose who goes by the name of Master Jailer. He is seeking the Fort Rozz escapees and executing them. The DEO discovers that he is going after the prisoners in numerical order, so they try to intercept Master Jailer’s next victim, but naturally it doesn’t go as planned. Alex gets shot, and luckily she was wearing a bullet proof vest. Kara and the next victim, a professor, are taken captive. The professor and Kara have a nice conversation that restores some of Kara’s faith in her mother, but the Master Jailer returns to execute him. He is about to pull the lever on his guillotine when Alex and the DEO shows up. They defeat Master Jailer and Kara takes the professor home.

This episode dealt with doing the right thing. Master Jailer was taking out prisoners, but he wasn’t in the right. The professor was a good man despite the fact that he broke the law on Krypton. On Earth, he had turned his life around. Also struggling with doing the right thing is James. He is having conflicting feelings about the DEO and their treatment of Maxwell. After the talk with the professor, Kara decides to let Maxwell go, believing that there might still be a part of him that is good (Alex then tells Maxwell that she has compiled a long list of all his crimes, so if he releases his info, she’ll release hers). On top of that, James is having problems with keeping the truth from Lucy. He asks Kara to allow him to tell her Kara’s secret, but doesn’t get a response. That’s a lot to ask considering General Lang doesn’t like Supergirl and wants to take over the DEO.

Cat has hired a new assistant, Siobhan Smythe. Kara has been downgraded to answering the phones as ‘Assistant 2.’ Siobhan is a suck-up, and admits to Kara that she is only doing this to get ahead in the industry. It will be interesting to see her transformation over the next couple of weeks into Silver Banshee.

The episode ends with Kara asking Alura’s projection about Myriad. The projection goes haywire and says that it will self-destruct if Myriad keeps being mentioned. That’s not a good sign. Hank shuts off the projection and apologizes once more for Astra. Kara says she can’t be around him and doesn’t know when she’ll ever be able to work at his side again. Poor, Hank. If this is how she is treating him, things are only going to get ten times worse when she finds out it was Alex and that they’ve been lying to her.

The next episode is entitled ‘Solitude.’

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