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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Triggers’

Published on October 17th, 2017 | Updated on October 17th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Triggers’

There’s a new metahuman in town and she goes by the name of Psi. Kara rushes off to stop a robbery in progress, but Psi is much more powerful than any of them expect. She has the ability to get into people’s minds, harness what they fear most, and use against them. Kara has a panic attack associated with claustrophobia and Psi escapes.

Lena starts her first day as the new CEO of CatCo, and butts heads with James. He wasn’t really expecting her to be a hands-on CEO, only thinking she’d saved the company so that Edge wouldn’t get his hands on it. But Lena is serious about it. She’s placed someone else in charge of L Corp so she can focus on learning the ins and outs of CatCo. This also leads to an interesting dynamic with Kara, who frequently runs off to go save the city. Lena knows that Kara is lying about about where she is going, but she believes the reason is Mon-El. Kara gets snippy.   Lena puts aside their friendship, telling Kara that if she continues this behavior of missing meetings and not working on assignments, she will be forced to fire her.

The next time Psi attacks, Kara is once more affected by her psychic ability and has visions of her mother and being inside the Kryptonian pod. She only tells Winn about what she saw, swearing him to secrecy, but Alex is scary when she wants information and Winn is terrible at keeping secrets. Alex goes to Kara, asking why she didn’t tell her the truth of the panic attacks. Kara says that it makes her feel weak, and Supergirl is the only strong thing in her life right now. Kara is broken and she can’t accept that Supergirl might be too. Alex tells her that it’s okay to be afraid and that she has people behind her for support.

Image: The CW

Meanwhile, we get to see more of Sam and Ruby. Sam tells her daughter that she was the one who pulled the scaffolding off of Ruby, no one helped her. Ruby then gets into a fight at school after recounting the story because they thing she’s a liar. Sam says that she doesn’t have superpowers and only found some hidden strength because her child was in danger. Ruby runs away, ending up in the middle of Psi’s latest attack. Sam runs after her and you think she’s about to display her powers once more when they are saved by Supergirl.

Winn creates a dampener that should stop Psi’s attacks, but it simply isn’t strong enough. Kara once more has visions, but this time she realizes what they truly mean. Alex finds her crying in an alley. Kara says that it’s not her in the pod, it’s Mon-El. She believes that she sent him away in the pod and killed him. Alex says that he isn’t dead, she just knows it. And besides, if Kara hadn’t sent him off, he’d be dead anyway because of the lead in the atmosphere. Kara, now knowing that her fear is based on a lie, stands up to Psi and defeats her.

Back at CatCo, Kara apologizes to Lena. They’re going to have to figure out how to balance being friends and coworkers, Lena admitting she’s never been in this position before because she’s never had friends. They settle things between them and hug it out. Lena then introduces Kara to woman who will be taking over L Corp, and it’s Sam.

The final scene of the episode is J’onn sitting at a bar when he suddenly hears M’gann’s voice. She appears before him, begging him to come to Mars, then vanishes.

Image: The CW

I was interested to see what Kara fears the most and I liked the original angle of her anxiety from trapped in the pod. I didn’t like that it suddenly became about Mon-El. There could’ve been a better way to work that in instead of her entire fear being about him, even though I knew that would happen. Instead of it being a case of  “I sent him away in that pod to die,” it could have been “I trapped him in hell.” I feel like that would have had more of an impact because he would have died if he had stayed behind. Kara instead sent him into a tiny space that he could never leave. That sounds worse than death. The realization Kara came to then could have been, “I inflicted my own worst fear upon someone else.” Also, the claustrophobia gave Kara’s character new depth, making her human despite her efforts and claims to be better than humans. Instead of her fear being based on a lie, I wish that Kara had beaten Psi with Alex’s words of wisdom that you can’t let your fear define you.

Alex and Maggie have been having some disagreements over wedding stuff and it seems like the show is going to break them up, which is really unfortunate. Their relationship was so good last season, showing them be open with each other and discuss their problems. Now they’re having petty squabbles over wedding arrangements. I am a little surprised that they did not talk to each other about the possibility of children sooner. Alex does, Maggie doesn’t really see herself as a mother. That’s normal, but I feel like that’s going to be something major between them moving forward.

Another romance in question is James and Lena. They didn’t have too much interaction in Season 2, but there was definitely a look at the end of the episode from James, showing that he respects Lena and approves of how she is going to handle CatCo. Don’t quite know how I feel about that one yet.

Next week will more than likely find J’onn and Kara heading to Mars in the episode titled ‘Far From the Tree.’

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