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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Supergirl Lives’

Published on January 24th, 2017 | Updated on January 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Supergirl Lives’

Supergirl returns from the winter hiatus to find Kara stopping jewel thieves. She does a pretty good job on her own, but Guardian appears to pick up two of the stragglers. One attacks Winn and he is almost killed, which shakes him. Kara is feeling a little bit bored by the number of petty crimes she has been handling lately. It’s hard to save the planet from an alien race and then come back and “protect jewels.” She wants something more.

At CatCo, a woman pleads with Snapper to do a story over her missing daughter as nobody will listen and help her. Kara decides to do something even though Snapper doesn’t want her to. She follows a lead that there have been a number of disappearances lately and the only thing they have in common is getting blood work done. Kara goes to investigate and unwillingly takes Mon-El with her. The doctor takes them back to draw their blood, but instead opens up a portal to another world. He shape shifts into an alien, then he and his assistants try to force Kara and Mon-El through. They fight back, and the doctor disappears into the portal. Kara goes after him, even though Mon-El tries to talk her out of it.

Kara appears on the planet known as Slaver’s Moon. She fights off two aliens, but she doesn’t have her powers anymore. The planet is under the red sun, and she draws her powers from the yellow. Kara is saved by Mon-El, who came through the portal anyway. They are about to return to Earth to get more help when the doorway closes. Kara insists that they have to find the others, then they can figure out how to get back.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Alex is happy. She and Maggie are doing really well together. When Alex wants to go along with Kara to investigate the disappearances, Kara tells her to stay behind. But then Kara goes missing and Alex blames herself. She thinks that because she was so focused on being with Maggie, Kara might be in danger. Alex panics and breaks up with Maggie.

Winn is still reeling from the attack and tells James that he can’t go out there with him anymore. His place is safely away from all the action. This is put to the test, however, as the DEO goes to the last place Kara was known to be. They find the portal and Alex will lead a team through. Unfortunately, J’onn can’t go with them because the planet’s atmosphere is toxic to Martians. Winn is to travel with them because he will be able to get them back. He refuses at first, but Alex tells him that she knows what he is feeling. She was terrified when she first went out in the field. They go through the portal.

Kara and Mon-El turn themselves in so they can find the other humans. They wind up in a jail cell with the missing people and learn who the mastermind is: Roulette. She tells them that they have all been sold. Enter the Dominator (It was cool to see the alien race from the crossover episode make a brief return). Kara tells the people to have hope, that she can figure out a way to save them even though she doesn’t have her powers. Mon-El doesn’t know how she can still be optimistic without her powers. When Roulette and the doctor return to take them away, Kara stands up to them. She takes several electric shocks to the stomach, but doesn’t back down. The others finally take a stand and beat their oppressors. Roulette and the doctor are put in the cell and they make their escape. Kara is trying to get everyone out when one of the aliens targets her. Mon-El steps in the way. The alien is about to shoot him when the Dominator appears and tells him to back off. Mon-El isn’t to be harmed. He runs off to join the others and they meet up with Alex’s team.

Winn is desperately trying to calibrate the portal when he is attacked. He fights back and wins, regaining his confidence. The others come running for the gate, but they are attacked. Alex uses a flash bomb that replicates the effect of the yellow sun, momentarily giving Kara her powers. She saves everyone and they return to Earth.

This episode did a lot to build upon relationships. Alex and Maggie make up at the end of the episode and she admits that Supergirl is her sister. Maggie kind of figured that out just because of how Alex reacted, saying that she knows her. The only person who could get her so worked up is Kara. Maggie forgives her, but warns that she only gets one.

Mon-El spent most of the episode not wanting to fight. He scolds Kara for seeking out trouble. By the end, however, he is starting to understand what it means to be a hero. He goes to Kara and tells her that he wants in. He wants to be a superhero with a name and a costume. She agrees to help him.

The final scene of the episode is our mystery hunters appearing on Slaver’s Moon looking for Mon-El. The doctor tells them the he is on Earth before they kill him. I still believe that Mon-El is actually the prince of Daxam and he has been lying to everyone. Now that the hunters are coming to Earth, the truth will soon come out.

Next week’s episode is entitled, ‘We Can Be Heroes.’

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