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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Strange Visitor From Another Planet’

Published on January 25th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Strange Visitor From Another Planet’

Everyone is dealing with the past this week. A White Martian has come to National City to kill J’onn. It found him after he used his abilities to infiltrate Lord Industries. J’onn feels like the Martian’s arrival is all his fault and thinks that he is the only one who should deal with the threat. Kara puts her foot down and refuses to be pushed away.

The White Martian is super creepy (good job, visual effects team). Our invader poses as anti- alien spokeswoman, Senator Miranda Crane (guest star Tawny Cypress), holding the original hostage. The final showdown has Kara and J’onn teaming up against the White Martian, which was awesome. They finally defeat the alien and J’onn comes really close to killing it. Kara manages to convince him that by killing the White Martian, he will lose himself. They take the baddie back to the DEO and lock it up, which means it may come back in a future episode.

Also dealing with the past is Cat. Her estranged son Adam (guest star Blake Jenner) shows up out of the blue. He wants to get to know Cat better following a letter she sent him. However, it turns out that Cat didn’t send the letter, Kara did. Cat is furious, but Kara convinces her to at least give one dinner with Adam a chance. That goes badly as Cat just talks about herself. Kara catches Adam at his hotel and tells him the truth. He agrees to give it another shot, but only if Kara is there too. Mediator Kara is funny and lightens up a really tense moment between mother and son. We finally see a really soft side of Cat. It also looks like Adam may stick around a little longer because he asked Kara out on a date. I like that this episode focused more on the supporting characters. I used to not really be a big fan of Cat, but she has really grown on me.

Following last week’s fallout, Winn isn’t speaking to Kara. At first, she doesn’t quite get how much he is hurting, but, by the end, she realizes that he needs his space. She won’t push him anymore. Now that she might start dating Adam, I think that things are only going to get worse between the two of them. What if it pushes him too far and he becomes a villain? I hope not, but it would be interesting. He would be a very conflicted bad guy.

The episode ends in a very exciting way. Kara and Alex are sitting on the couch watching TV when there’s a breaking news report of Supergirl saving the day and shows a clip of her in action. But wait, Kara is sitting on the couch watching the live report. Who is this Supergirl? Is it J’onn posing as her? I don’t think so. I believe the answer is Maxwell Lord and his Jane Doe experiment. Maxwell has created Bizarro Girl and will use her to take down the real Supergirl, who he now knows is Kara.

More on that in next week’s episode ‘Bizarro.’

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