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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Star-Crossed’

Published on March 21st, 2017 | Updated on March 25th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Star-Crossed’

The alien invaders who appeared at the end of last week’s episode have revealed themselves to be the king and queen of Daxam, and Mon-El’s parents. Mon-El and Kara go aboard their ship, where she learns the truth. Mon-El retells the story of how he escaped Daxam. His guard saved him, killing a Kyrptonian in cold blood for the escape pod. Kara is incredibly hurt by the truth and leaves.

Winn gets himself arrested after he and Lyra broke into the National City Museum for a bit of “evening fun.” Turns out she is an art thief. Nobody has even been able to track her down because her image isn’t picked up in photographs or video. Winn, Alex, and James track her down and apprehend her. Winn is finally able to get the truth. Lyra and her brother were smuggled off of their home planet by slavers. Her brother is still in their clutches and if she doesn’t do what they ask, they will kill him. Winn breaks Lyra free so they can get the painting she stole to the alien ring, keeping from her the fact that he is using her to take down the leader of the group. James and the DEO show up, take down the alien, and save Lyra’s brother.

Mon-El’s mother, Rhea, comes to Kara and tells her that Mon-El needs to return with them so that he can reunite Daxam. He is their prince. Kara tells Mon-El this, but he doesn’t want to go, he wants to stay on Earth with her. But Kara has had enough of his lies. He did it in order to protect himself. The tipping point is when Kara asks if he was ever going to tell her the truth. He says that he doesn’t know and Kara ends their relationship.

Mon-El goes to his parents and says that he is not going with them. He hated who he used to be and wants to become a better person. He doesn’t wish any harm upon his parents or Daxam, but he can’t return. Mon-El leaves. I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of them.

Back at the DEO, Winn is marveling at the dimension-jumping tech Cisco made for Kara when J’onn announces the arrival of a new prisoner. Enter Music Meister, who says he has comes for Kara. He does some weird eye thing, putting Kara in a trance before breaking out of his shackles. Music Meister grabs the device and uses it to hop on over to Central City. Kara passes out.

She awakes in another world where she is told that she’s on. Kara walks on stage to begin her performance. The conclusion will be on The Flash.

I enjoyed having an episode that focused on Winn. I’ve missed him. It was also interesting how the act of lying was contrasted between him and Lyra and Mon-El and Kara. Lyra used Winn in order to get into the museum, but not for personal gain. She did it to keep her brother safe. Mon-El did it for personal reasons. Though both never intended to hurt anyone with their lie, the reasons behind them were different. In the end, Winn forgives Lyra because he understands the position she was in.

The brief moment we saw Music Meister got me excited for him. I think Darren Criss is going to do a really amazing job. It will be fun to see the three Glee alum together again, so be sure to check out The Flash.

Next week’s episode of Supergirl is entitled ‘Distant Sun.’

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