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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’

Published on May 23rd, 2017 | Updated on May 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’

In the season two finale of Supergirl, Kara and Superman go head to head following his poisoning by Silver Kryptonite. Rhea led the man of steel into a trap and used the crystal to make Clark do her bidding. He believes that Kara is Zod and the two have a pretty intense fight. In the end, Kara is victorious. The fight took its toll on both the heroes and they wake up in the Fortress of Solitude where they have been unconscious for some time.

Kara decides that the only way to defeat Rhea and get the Daxamites to leave it to challenge her to trial by combat. Before the battle begins, the Supers are called by the Luthors. Lena explains that Lillian retrieved a piece of technology that Lex had been working on that would make Earth’s atmosphere uninhabitable for Kryptonians. Lena can reverse-engineer it and eject lead into the atmosphere, making it toxic to Daxamites. But this mean Mon-El would also have to leave. Kara tells Lena to get to work on the device, but she is determined to win the battle.

Kara and Mon-El go to meet Rhea. The battle begins and the two are on equal ground. But then the Daxamite ships start attacking National City. Did anyone really think she was going to abide by the rules of combat? Mon-El heads off to stop the invasion. He is joined in the fight by Superman and J’onn (who finally woke from his coma). There are just too many Daxamites. But then M’gann appears, bringing with her some other White Martians who are just like her.

On the rooftop, Kara makes Rhea bleed, but that’s not good. Rhea’s blood is infected with Kryptonite. This weakens Kara, but she pushed through, determined to win the fight. At L Corp, Lena completes the machine with Winn’s help, and Lillian naturally grabs the technology and tries to activate it. Lena predicted this and built in a fail-safe. The one with the detonator is Supergirl.

National City is falling and Kara realizes that there is no way she is going to win. Even with Rhea’s defeat, Daxam won’t stop. Mon-El reappears and tells Kara to do it. Kara activates the device. The Daxamites flee to their ships and retreat as the air becomes poisoned by lead. Rhea inhales too much of it and dies. Kara grabs Mon-El, who is fairing better than the others because of his prolonged exposure to the sun, and leads him to the pod he arrived in. She says her good-byes and tells Mon-El that she loves him. Kara puts him in the pod and sends him away.

National City is saved, but Kara feels like her world has ended. Alex and Clark try to talk to her, but nothing they say seems to have an affect. Kara tells Alex that she wants her to be happy, that’s all she’s ever wanted. She also says that she’s not going to make their world stop just because hers has. Kara tells her to go to Maggie, then flies off. Afterward, Alex asks Maggie to marry her.

The next day at CatCo, Cat recognizes that something is wrong with Kara. She then offers some much needed advice about how it’s okay to be vulnerable and feel the pain. But that she still needs to stand up and move forward. Kara hears a report on the news about a fire and tells Cat that she needs to leave. As Kara runs off, Cat wishes all the best to Supergirl (I knew she knew).

In the final moments of the season, we see Mon-El in the pod in space when he is pulled off-course into a wormhole. Does this put a stamp on his story, or does it open up a new set of possibilities for the character? The next scene we get is 35 years in the past as Krypton is destroyed. We see Kara and Clark get sent away in their pods, but then we go to another fortress. Cloaked people are standing around a black pod. They place a baby inside (and put a bloody finger to their mouth to stop them from crying) before sending him away. They say that one day the child will be strong and then they will reign.

So what does this mean for season three? Looks like the main villain will be a Kryptonian. There’s a possibility, and I said this at the end of last season, that the person in the pod is H’el. I really want him to be involved in the show somehow because it was a really fascinating comic arc.

Another interesting point is that Cadmus is not gone. Lillian Luthor is free and taking the credit for driving the Daxamites away. It will be interesting to see how the world responds Lillian and Cadmus now that they saved everyone from the threat they predicted would come. No word on if Lillian will return for season three, but since Lena is sticking around as a series regular, we can expect much more from the Luthors. And maybe since Cadmus is still around we’ll get Superboy.

Overall, this season had some strong points as Kara searched for the balance between being normal and being a superhero. She tried to have it all and will go into season three feeling like she can’t, but this ultimately made her a stronger hero. She is selfless, but I have a feeling the result of this season will heavily play into her decisions when we return for season three. Kara might just be tired of always being the hero and start being a little more selfish. But who knows. Maybe Cat’s words will stay with Kara and help her stay on the path of being a good hero.

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