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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Myriad’

Published on April 12th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Myriad’

Non has activated Myriad and we finally learn what exactly it does. Astra and Non created Myriad to help save the dying Krypton. They could control the minds of the people and stop them from endangering the environment. When the Kyrptonian Council found, they deemed the project too powerful because it could be used to enslave the world. Of course, that’s exactly what Non is now planning to do on Earth. He starts with just running the program on National City and it works, with the exception of Kara. She believes she is on her own until she goes to CatCo and finds a completely unaffected Cat Grant. And then Maxwell Lord shows up. He had designed an earpiece that blocks the signal. He created one for himself, then used the tech in a pair of earrings that he gave to Cat. So now, it is up to this ragtag trio to stop Non.

Alex and J’onn are on the run. They are trying to get to Cadmus, but when Alex learns that National City is in lock down, she aborts the mission. They go to her mother’s house. J’onn tries to convince Alex to stay behind and let him go and help Kara, but, naturally, she won’t stand down. They head out and are instantly attacked by Indigo. Since she is basically the Internet, she is incredibly hard to beat, and defeats J’onn, stabbing him with her weird claw things. He appears dead (I say appears because I hope that he’s not really dead and don’t think he is) and Indigo kidnaps Alex.

Maxwell has a plan for stopping Non, but it involves dropping a Kryptonite bomb on the city. Kara doesn’t really know what else to do and is willing to sacrifice herself if it means stopping Non. However, Cat has a different idea. What she believes is that the people need hope. She speaks about how Supergirl has changed her. Cat has been more open because Supergirl gave her hope. She believes that this is what the city needs. If they can disrupt Non’s signal and feed the city hope, then maybe they can break free of their mind control. The team goes to an old CatCo TV station and start trying to hack into Non’s signal.

Unfortunately, Kara is called away before they can set their plan into motion. She shows up and then Alex appears, decked out in some Kryptonite armor and wielding her nasty Kryptonite sword. Non speaks through Alex, saying that Kara will die this night. Kara refuses to fight, but she really has no choice. The final shot of the episode is Kara and Alex engaging in battle.

This episode did a good job of setting up next week’s season finale. Everything is in motion and it looks like it is going to be an emotional hour. Kara and Alex’s fight is going to be really tough on Kara because she won’t want to hurt Alex. Alex is going to do some serious damage to Kara, who will undoubtedly be holding back and affected by the Kryptonite all over Alex’s armor. We can only hope that Maxwell and Cat are able to disrupt Non’s signal before Kara is defeated by her sister. I expect the message of hope that they send to be full of images of Supergirl saving the city, so expect your heart to swell in that moment. There will also be a crazy battle between our heroes (hopefully Kara, Alex, and J’onn) against Non and Astra.

The season finale of Supergirl is entitled “Better Angels.”

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