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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Midvale’

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Supergirl Recap ‘Midvale’

Coming off of her break-up with Maggie, Kara drags Alex out of National City to their home in Midvale. They are greeted by Eliza, who’s glad to have her daughters home. That evening, they give Alex some space to drink in peace, and Eliza has some truth bombs to lay down on Kara. She tells her that she’s allowed to feel and be broken. Kara’s reply is that she has a responsibility as Supergirl and can’t allow herself to be broken and have both her lives fall apart. She says that she’s doing better and is happy with her decision. Eliza tells her that she doesn’t look too happy.

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Kara and Alex have a conversation before bed, Kara putting a little bit of pressure on Alex to get over Maggie. Alex snaps at her, saying that she doesn’t get to tell her to just get over it when Kara spent six months shutting everyone out because of Mon-El. They go to sleep angry.

The episode then goes ten years in the past to show how Alex and Kara became the best of sisters and friends. Starting out, they did not like each other. Alex didn’t like that she suddenly gained a sister and lost her father; Kara doesn’t like that she was thrust into a brand new world and has superpowers. At school, they are always trying to one-up each other. Kara has made a friend named Kenny, who gets picked on by the jocks, and she is the only one who is nice to him and sees him despite being invisible. That evening, they go out and use Kenny’s fancy telescope that instantly takes photos to look at the stars. He tries to kiss her, but she panics and changes the conversation.

The next morning, Kenny is found dead. Kara is determined to find his killer, going against the wishes of the police and Eliza to not get involved. She speaks to Kenny’s parents and learns that his laptop and telescope have gone missing. Kara is searching in the woods when she is startled by Alex. Alex admits that Kenny was her friend too. He was tutoring her in calculus. They find the laptop and learn that most of the photos are encrypted. Kara suggests sending them to Clark’s friend Chloe, who is a brilliant techie. There is one photo that isn’t encrypted and it shows Alex’s best friend Josie with their teacher, Mr. Bernard. They also find an email from Kenny to Mr. Bernard saying that he knows.

At school the next day, Alex confronts Josie, saying that she knows the truth and that Mr. Bernard killed Kenny in order to keep their secret. Josie denies it. She then goes straight to Mr. Bernard and tells him that Alex has figured it out. Alex makes a call to the police saying she has a lead on the case. Kara and Alex are walking home that evening when they are run off the road by a car. Lucky for them, Kara can fly and saves Alex’s life.

At the house, Eliza is angry that they are putting themselves in danger. If Kara didn’t have powers, Alex would have died. Eliza knows that Kara won’t listen to her, so she has brought someone along to try and persuade her to stop looking for trouble. An agent who looks a lot like Kara’s mother tells her that using her powers can be dangerous. Sure, she was able to save Alex’s life, but she wouldn’t have had to if they hadn’t been prying. She makes Kara promise not to use them and stop trying to be a superhero. Kara agrees. The agent leaves and suddenly morphs into Hank Henshaw. It was J’onn all along, and he was just trying to protect Kara from the DEO.

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But Alex isn’t done. She learns from Josie that Mr. Bernard was with her all afternoon when he was supposed to be running them off the road. Alex confides in Sheriff Collins that it couldn’t have been Mr. Bernard. She says that they found lots of pictures on Kenny’s laptop and it was only a matter of time before they were able to access them. She knows the killer is in those photos. The sheriff thanks Alex, then takes her to a secluded room where he pulls a gun on her. That’s when Kara calls and says that some of the photos show Collins in a drug deal. Alex manages to get word to Kara that she’s in danger before Collins takes her phone.

Kara struggles with her promise to the agent, but she can’t lose Alex. She flies off and saves her sister. The case is solved and as a reward, Kenny’s telescope is presented to Kara and Alex. They look at some of the photos Kenny had and realize that he knew Kara’s secret. He had a photo of her flying through the sky. After all of this, the two have grown stronger as sisters and Kara now understands what it means to lose somebody. She tells Alex that she can’t bear to put her in danger like that again, so she’ll stop using her powers. That’s the night Kara Danvers was truly “born.”

In present day, Alex and Kara make up. Kara says that she is sorry for trying to push recovery on Alex so quickly, and that she is getting better. She just isn’t doing a good job of showing it. They tell each other that being with the other makes them feel at home. It’s going to be hard moving forward, but at least they have each other. Feeling a little bit better, they head back to National City.

This was a really good character development episode in which we learned how the two became so close. They work really together solving cases and helping others and bonded while doing so. It was interesting that Kara made the decision to not use her powers because of Alex. It makes her decision to finally reveal herself as Supergirl because of Alex. They have a seriously strong bond. I’m glad we go to see that this week because their relationship is one of the best parts of the show.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Wake Up.’

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