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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Manhunter’

Published on March 23rd, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Manhunter’

This episode slows down the pace a little bit and gives us a great hour of character development.

National City doesn’t trust Supergirl anymore. After her Red Kryptonite rampage, people are scared of her. Reports are saying that she was possessed and that’s why she attacked the city, but she has lost their trust.

The episode focuses on newly outed J’onn J’onzz, who is being interrogated by Colonel James Harper and Lucy Lang. We get a flashback of J’onn saving Jeremiah’s life while the DEO is on the hunt. They have a nice interaction and Jeremiah speaks fondly of his two daughters. Suddenly, Hank Henshaw appears and tries to kill J’onn, but Jeremiah interferes. They struggle and Hank
is forced off of a cliff, but not before he was able to stab Jeremiah with a knife. Jeremiah dies in J’onn’s arms, asking him to look after his daughters. J’onn realized that the only way he could do this was by becoming Hank and running the DEO.

Colonel Harper decides that J’onn needs to be contained at Project Cadmus (more on that in a second). Alex tries to interfere, but ends up in the interrogation room. There’s a flashback to Alex living it up in a club. She winds up in jail, where J’onn as Hank shows up and recruits her to the DEO. It was interesting to see Alex before she was the uptight Alex we see now, and I am glad that we saw that side of her. It gives her character a little bit more depth and explains why she cares so much for Hank. She tells Colonel Harper and Lucy that J’onn saved her life, and she is right. The two decide that Alex is just as guilty as J’onn and she will join J’onn at Project Cadmus.

Kara has had enough of just standing by at that point and decides that the only thing she can do is get Lucy on her side. She and James invite Lucy to her apartment, and Kara reveals that she is Supergirl. Lucy tells Kara that people would be more accepting of her if she didn’t lie to everyone about who she really was. Kara tells her that she has to lie because she is an alien. She would never have been accepted. There’s a flashback to her first couple of days on Earth and Jeremiah telling her that nobody will understand her and her powers so she needs to keep them to herself. Flash forward to Kara’s interview for Cat’s assistant. Cat isn’t interested in Kara at all, thinking that she is going to come into the interview and talk about how special she is. Kara admits that she’s not special. She just wants to be useful and help out. I actually really enjoyed this scene and thought it was pretty humorous. After telling her story, Lucy decides to help.

Kara and Lucy bust Alex and J’onn out as they are on their way to Project Cadmus. J’onn wipes Colonel Harper’s mind, making him forget any of it ever happened, but also catches a glimpse of his memories. And what does he see? Jeremiah Danvers. Alive. Alex and J’onn decide to infiltrate Cadmus and figure out what J’onn saw. They are fugitives now and tell Kara to let them do this on their own.

When Kara and Lucy get to the DEO the next day, Colonel Harper has resigned and left the director position to Lucy. She accepts. Kara is hesitant to go out and help National City, but Lucy says that she got her to trust Supergirl, so she can get the people back on her side. I’m glad that Lucy now knows the truth. I wasn’t really expecting Kara to reveal her secret, but it was a good thing she did. I think that their dynamic is really interesting and want to see more of them working together.

Meanwhile, Siobhan wants revenge. She sneaks into CatCo and fakes a rude email to Cat from Kara. Unfortunately, Cat doesn’t believe that Kara sent it and has Winn identify typing patterns in order to determine that Kara is innocent. Siobhan is disgraced yet again. Winn finds her drunk on a rooftop and tries to talk her down. Siobhan hits the side and falls over, letting out a scream. Miraculously enough, the scream breaks her fall and she is alive, but very confused. We however know what this means. Silver Banshee is here.

So what is Project Cadmus? Cadmus is a genetic engineering facility that has many different uses within the comics and other TV shows. They are responsible for numerous projects that
include cloning. In the animated show, Young Justice, Cadmus was responsible for the creation of Superboy. In the comics, Colonel Harper has a very strong connection to the organization. He was the result of a clone experiment and became the Guardian. No mention if his comic self will appear, but we are only just getting into Cadmus. We will see more as Alex and J’onn try to find Jeremiah and I wonder if we will get either the Guardian or Superboy. Could they be setting up Cadmus as the next season villain?

We’ll have to wait and see, but first, the Flash is coming.

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