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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Livewire’

Published on November 16th, 2015 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Livewire’

In this week’s episode, we see our first villain with superpowers. Leslie Willis is a radio host employed by CatCo, who gets demoted after a not so nice review of Supergirl. Leslie is in a helicopter during an electrical storm and is about to crash when Supergirl comes to her aid. A bolt of lightning transfers through Supergirl and into Leslie, putting her in a coma, but also giving her abilities. Leslie wakes up, takes the name “Livewire”, and decides to get revenge on Cat for forcing her to be in the helicopter.

Livewire’s powers are pretty awesome, and she serves as a formidable opponent for Supergirl because she can’t just use her strength. When she tries to hit her, Livewire phases away. Supergirl uses her brains and hits her with a water hose to bring her down. Afterward, Livewire is taken by the DEO, so we might hear from her again.

This week was Thanksgiving-themed and dealt a lot with family. First, Eliza Danvers comes to town. As a little nod to the fans, Eliza is played by Helen Slater, who originated the role of Supergirl in the 1984 movie. We find out that Alex has a strained relationship with her mother and all of this comes to a head during Thanksgiving dinner (with Winn in attendance). At the end of the episode, they make up and it is revealed that their father died while working for Henshaw and the DEO.

We also find out that Winn’s father is in jail. He doesn’t say why, just that he deserves to be there. I wonder if this will come back later and Supergirl will have to stop him. I was mad at Kara when Winn half-admitted his feelings for her. She completely blew him off as soon as James showed up. Team Kwinn (that’s what I’m naming them) for the win!

This episode pulled a lot of focus to Cat, and it was nice to see a somewhat softer side of the uptight CEO. Her “caring” pep talk to Leslie while she was in a coma was a nice, kind of funny moment. I thought it was well written and exactly how Cat would act. I also liked the talk between Cat and Kara on why she always works so hard. Her mother was never supportive or caring, so Cat would push herself in order to prove her worth. Props to the writing team on developing Cat a lot this week.

Did anyone else think Cat was going to expose Kara at the end? When she was reading the headlines, I was expecting the last one to be about an assistant hiding the truth of who she is, but that didn’t happen. Supergirl and Cat were really close this whole episode, and I think that Cat might know, but she secretly respects Supergirl, and Kara, enough to not say anything. Her comment to Kara about getting to know her a little better might be a hint toward her knowing, but maybe not.

We have taken a bunch of steps away from the main arc. Maybe Astra got some Kryptonite poisoning and that’s why she’s been gone the past couple of episodes. I expect her to show her face soon. At least, I hope for some hint of what’s going on with her, or it will be forgotten that she’s the season’s big bad. Unless…she’s not.

Henshaw is hiding a lot from Kara and Alex. Maybe the reason he has glory eyes is because of Jeremiah Danvers and some experiments? More mysteries on that front. I am excited to see where the show heads with Henshaw. Who exactly is he? And is he good or bad?

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