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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Homecoming’

Published on February 28th, 2017 | Updated on February 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Homecoming’

Jeremiah Danvers is back. The DEO finds out that Cadmus is moving something from their facility, and decide to intervene. Kara and J’onn break into the back of the shipping container and find Jeremiah. They take him to the DEO where he is looked over. They don’t find too much wrong with him physically besides an injured arm. Kara and Alex are overjoyed at having their father back after so long. But Mon-El is skeptical.

Jeremiah tells the DEO that Cadmus harnessed Kara’s heat vision and made that into a fusion bomb. Their plan is to destroy all of National City. Winn starts trying to track Kara’s signature to find the bomb, but no luck.

Mon-El takes his skepticism to Kara, and she doesn’t take the news well. She tells Mon-El to give her some space, which he doesn’t do. Jeremiah’s welcome home dinner gets ruined as Mon-El verbally attacks him. Kara is incredibly angry with him and Jeremiah throws him out of the party. He then delivers a warning to the Daxamite. He knows who he is, and knows that Kara would be very upset if she found out the truth. Mon-El doesn’t let it go and enlists Winn’s help.

Jeremiah is welcomed back to the DEO and as soon as he’s left alone with his new access card, he breaks into the mainframe. Winn is spying on him and tells Kara this news. When she, Winn, and Mon-El confront Jeremiah, he says that he was just trying to access some old case files so he could learn about what his daughters have been up to while he was away. Alex is angry with Kara for taking Mon-El’s stance against Jeremiah, and Kara tries to talk her down. They’re interrupted when Winn gets a signal that the fusion bomb has come online.

Kara and Alex spring into action, but it was a set-up. Jeremiah takes the opportunity to go back to the mainframe. He and J’onn get into a fight and it is revealed that his arm isn’t injured, it has been enhanced. He has cybernetics just like the real Hank Henshaw. Jeremiah gets the upper hand, knocking J’onn out. He then steals data off of the mainframe before destroying the computer and fleeing.

Kara and Alex track him down as he meets up with Lillian and Cyborg Superman. Cadmus had placed bombs on a railroad track, destroying it and taking Kara out of the equation as she flies off to fix the problem. Alex chases down Jeremiah and tells him that she is going to take him in. He says the only way that will happen is if she kills him. Alex asks why and his response is, “It’s complicated.” She can’t kill him and he escapes.

Later, Winn figures  out what Jeremiah stole: The alien registry. Cadmus now has the name and location of every alien.

Cadmus’ plan comes to light this week as they get their hands on the registry. They have a sort of ship that will probably be used to kill all the aliens. We don’t know why Jeremiah is working alongside Cadmus. He was vague in his answer and claims to be keeping his daughter’s safe.

Mon-El is keeping his true identity a secret from everyone, as I figured he was. Still don’t know who he is exactly, but I’m betting the Prince of Daxam. He revealed that his father was not a good man this episode. Kara has talked before about the wrongdoings of the Daxam regime. We also still have the bounty hunters searching for him. Hopefully they’ll come into the picture soon and we’ll get some answers.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Exodus.’

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