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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Girl of Steel’

Published on October 10th, 2017 | Updated on October 10th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Girl of Steel’

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Following the Season 2 finale of Supergirl in which Kara stopped the Daxamite invasion by releasing lead into the atmosphere, and ultimately had to send Mon-El away, we have a much darker Kara in the Season 3 premier. Supergirl is floating above the city, daydreaming of a peaceful life with both Mon-El and her mother, but is interrupted by the sound of sirens. She comes in and saves the day, but is very quick to fly off, not even offering a single word or smile to a kid that she saved.

Kara’s friends have been trying to give her space, knowing how hard it was for her to make the decision to send Mon-El away, but they are all incredibly worried about her. She ignores all of their suggestions and pleas to open up, completely focused on her work as a hero. James takes the first step in trying to get her to back to her normal self by putting the pressure on her at work. Kara is supposed to be writing an exclusive interview with Supergirl on the invasion, but so far, has produced nothing. James uses his special signal to get her to fly to his rescue, but used it to tell her that the interview is late. They get into a huge fight, which ends with Kara quitting CatCo.

Alex and Maggie are busy planning their wedding, but it’s putting Alex in a weird place. She just wants to be able to talk with her sister again, but has been trying to give Kara her space. Alex snaps upon learning that Kara quit CatCo and goes to her apartment. She tells Kara that she can’t possibly understand what Kara is going through, but that doesn’t mean she has to bottle it all up. Kara shouldn’t feel like she can’t talk to anybody. Kara admits that she doesn’t want to be Kara Danvers right now, because “that person sucks.” She wants to be Supergirl, who has her life together and isn’t hurting by the choice she made. Kara also says that Superman even admitted he couldn’t have made that choice, which makes her not human. She says that Kara Danvers was a mistake and that she can’t be that person anymore. When leaving, Alex says that Kara has saved her more than Supergirl ever has and that she should think about that before she completely abandons the identity.

Meanwhile, there’s a new player on the table named Morgan Edge, who is determined to level parts of National City in order to make it more appealing. James and Lena both get in his way, saying that Edge is doing nothing for the city. Edge goes behind both of them and tries to buy CatCo, saying that the media has been rotten for years. It turns out that Edge is behind a number of attacks on National City through Robert DuBois, aka Bloodsport. They even have access to one of the Daxamite ships. J’onn believes that they will launch a major attack during the reveal of a statue in honor of Supergirl.

He’s right, but not the attack happens in a way that they didn’t expect. DuBois is in a cloaked submarine, firing bombs at the city. Supergirl goes into the water to try and stop them, but they detonate one of the bombs underwater, knocking her out. She has a vision of Mon-El telling her to wake up, and she finally does. Supergirl stops the attack and saves the day.

Lena works her way around Edge and buys CatCo for herself. She delivers the news to Kara, asking her to break the story, but Kara says that she has quit. Lena is upset by this news because she was hoping Kara could be like a business partner to her since she doesn’t have the slightest idea how to run a media company. Their conversation is interrupted by a very angry Edge, who threatens Lena. Kara leaves and returns as Supergirl. She takes Edge way out into the middle of the ocean aboard a freighter and warns him not to mess with them anymore. She knows that he was behind DuBois’ attacks. Supergirl flies off, leaving him there.

What Alex has been most afraid of with having a big wedding is not having her father there to walk her down the aisle. She admits this to Maggie, saying she doesn’t really want anything grandiose. They agree that they will do something big, so Alex asks J’onn if he will walk her down the aisle as he has been a father to her. My favorite moment of the episode is their conversation and then both of them almost crying. Alex says, “Don’t you cry, because then I’ll cry, and we can’t let people see that we actually can cry.” It was a really great.

The end of the episode finds Alex, Maggie, J’onn, and Winn celebrating in the bar when Kara suddenly appears. She smiles at them and actually joins in the celebration. Kara has decided to “wake up,” accepting her friends back into her life and accepting the job with Lena.

Image: The CW

This episode saw the first appearance of Odette Annable, though she isn’t quite Reign yet. Her name is Sam and she has a daughter named Ruby (right). During the statue unveiling and attack, Ruby gets trapped beneath some scaffolding. Sam runs to her and tries to lift the metal structure while yelling for help. She screams, digging her hands into the metal, and pulls it off her daughter. Looks like she has no idea she has any sort of powers.

The season is off to a good start, but man does Kara need to have a long conversation with Oliver Queen. Some of her decisions were reminiscent of Oliver’s actions in Season 3. The worst thing you can do is turn your back on your team, but I’m glad that she is starting to come back around. The scene between her and Alex was really great and emotional, probably the best of the episode. It was heartbreaking for her to tell Alex that she’s better than humans, then for Alex to say that she’s been saved more by Kara than Supergirl.

Edge is not a good guy, at all, and Adrian Pasdar did a great job of oozing that malice. I’m interested to see what unfolds with him in the mixture. He’s kind of replacing Maxwell Lord (from Season 1), and it is going to make for some tough times for Lena. It’s been hinted that Lena might start traveling down a darker path this season, and I think that it will be directly related to Edge. It’s going to take a lot to get past his roadblocks, I think.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Triggers.’

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