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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Falling’

Published on March 15th, 2016 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Falling’

This was by far the best episode of the series.

Kara is exposed to Red Kryptonite that was left on a rooftop by one of Maxwell Lord’s satellites. The building catches fire and endangers the lives of firefighters, which is why Supergirl showed up. The Red Kryptonite was created by Maxwell to use
against Non, and never expected Kara to come in contact with it. The synthetic material doesn’t quite match real Kryptonite like Maxwell hoped, instead poisoning Kara’s mind and turning her really evil.

Kara starts her “transformation” by letting an alien from Fort Rozz go. She lies to the DEO, saying that he managed to escape, but there was a video from that night showing the release. Siobhan gets a hold of this and tries to get Cat to run the story. Cat refuses and Siobhan instead tries to send the footage to the Daily Planet. Kara exposes Siobhan’s intention and gets her fired. This will more than likely come back to bite Kara because we know that Siobhan becomes Silver Banshee. She will probably exact her revenge on Kara and CatCo in the coming episodes.

Kara continues to be really nasty to everyone around her. She hardcore flirts with James and says terrible things about Lucy. She throws Cat off of the balcony and then catches her, saying that power comes in deciding who lives and dies. Later, when Alex confronts her, Kara berates her with accusations of always hindering Kara’s true nature. She then says that Alex killed Astra because of her jealousy at Astra being true family.

Maxwell comes to the DEO and apologizes for the Red Kryptonite. He offers his help at creating an antidote and a desperate Alex agrees. Luckily, he is successful, but then the problem becomes administering it because Kara is on a rampage in downtown National City. Kara knocks Alex aside, breaking her arm, and is about to kill her when Hank changes into J’onn and stops her. They fight and the Martian subdues Kara, giving Alex an opening to hit her with the antidote. Thankfully, it works, but J’onn has been exposed. Alex tells him to run. Instead, J’onn changes back into Hank and allows the other DEO agents to arrest him.

There were a lot of emotional moments packed into the last 10 minutes of the episode. Kara apologizes for everything she said to Alex, but Alex admits that there was some truth to it. When Kara tries to talk to James, he turns her away, saying he is going to need some time to think. He even stops Kara from saying that she loves him. Supergirl appears on Cat’s balcony and says that she loves National City and had never wanted to cause it harm. Cat, despite having renounced Supergirl on national television, says that Supergirl can regain their trust. That’s her way of saying that she still believes in her.

With Hank/J’onn exposed, bad things are about to happen at the DEO. Senator Crane returned this week and confesses that she was just starting to be okay with aliens, but now she is back to her old viewpoint. When Alex asks why he didn’t run, J’onn says that he would do anything to protect her and Kara. I love J’onn more and more every week and am so glad that they brought Martian Manhunter into the show. Next week, we will find out just what happened during the hunt for J’onn and the death of Jeremiah Danvers and the real Hank. I think that since Hank/J’onn is in prison, General Lang is going to be handed the DEO, which will be a really bad thing. I also think that he might just bring his very angry daughter with him.

The acting was really strong this week, especially from Calista Flockhart, David Harewood, and Melissa Benoist (who killed being bad). Flockhart and Harewood did a great job on delivering the emotional moments in a subtle way. Benoist’s performance after she is cured breaks your heart. The acting and the story this week combined to make it the best of the series. My hope is that the next four episodes continue to deliver as we head into the finale.

The next episode is entitled “Manhunter.”

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