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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Exodus’

Published on March 7th, 2017 | Updated on March 7th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Exodus’

Cadmus has the alien registry and they quickly put that to use finding all the aliens. They are rounding them up and bringing them to their massive ship. The DEO is working to find their location, but they aren’t getting any hits. Winn believes that Jeremiah may have blocked their advances when he had access to the mainframe.

Alex, Maggie, James, Winn, and Winn’s alien girlfriend, Lyra, are hanging out at the alien bar when it is attacked by Cadmus. They put up a good fight, but Lyra and the other aliens are all taken. Alex manages to take down one of the Cadmus goons. Back at the DEO, they interrogate the man, but he isn’t saying a word. Alex decides to take matters into her own hands and beats him to a pulp trying to get information. J’onn intervenes.

Alex wants to be a part of the team that finds Cadmus because she wants to stop them from killing her father. Knowing this, J’onn morphs into Jeremiah and confronts Alex. Believing it is her father before her, she agrees to helping him. J’onn changes back, saying that Alex’s emotions are compromised. He suspends her from duty. That was a cheap trick, J’onn.

Kara is set on figuring out a way to warn the public about Cadmus’ plot without compromising the DEO. She tries to run a story at CatCo, but Snapper blocks her. He says that she needs two credible sources for every quote in order to run the story. Kara appears as Supergirl for an interview with Snapper, but it doesn’t go well. She can still only reveal so much and that isn’t enough for Snapper to believe and run the story. Kara is lamenting when Lena appears. She suggests that perhaps Kara should just blog the story herself. Get enough traction and it could go viral. Kara wrestles with the idea and eventually goes through with it, believing it is the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, Alex goes rogue and infiltrates Cadmus. She and Jeremiah reunite and he tells her Cadmus’ plan. They will use the ship to send the aliens back where they belong. Jeremiah tells her that Lillian had originally planned to kill them all, but he was able to persuade her to just send them away. Lillian is about to send the ship off when Alex and Jeremiah take a stand against them. But it’s too late. The ship has no override and it is set to launch. Jeremiah takes on Cyborg Superman as Alex goes on the ship to save the aliens. Unfortunately, she isn’t fast enough and the ship launches.

There is only so much time before it hits the outer atmosphere and jettisons light years away. Kara flies in and manages to stop the ship’s trajectory before it disappears. It was a really good moment between the sisters as Kara finds the strength to stop it. The alien are saved and Cadmus’ plot is foiled.

Alex gets her job back at the DEO. J’onn tells her that he acted as he did because he wanted to keep her from doing something rash, which she did anyway. He’s just glad that she’s alright. Kara loses her job at CatCo. Snapper tells her that she got lucky in blogging the story, but that may not always be the case. There are rules in journalism for a reason. One piece of wrong information and panic could ensue. Kara is upset at losing her job because she really feels that being a reporter is her calling.

The final scene of the episode is a ship approaching the moon. Aboard are two hooded figures who are alerted that they have reached their final destination. They pull back their hoods, revealing a man and a woman (Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher). But just who are they? My guess, the king and queen of Daxam. And Mon-El’s parents.

Cadmus has been stopped yet again, but Lillian, Cyborg Superman, and Jeremiah have all vanished. They are a slippery trio. I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear from them. I can’t help but wonder what their main game plan is. It still feels like there is more going on, a bigger plan. What would be cool is if they were actually in the process of creating Superboy. They stole some of Kara’s power, but what if they harnessed that to pass on to him. Have Cadmus create him, then set him up as the villain for season 3. That would be cool.

Supergirl takes a break and returns March 20 with the episode entitled ‘Star-Crossed.’

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