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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Distant Sun’

Published on March 28th, 2017 | Updated on March 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Distant Sun’

A bounty has been placed on Supergirl’s head, and all sorts of low-life alien bounty hunters are out to collect it. Kara is determined to face each threat head-on, but J’onn forbids her from engaging. He essentially puts her on house arrest, which she hates. One bounty hunter finds out where she lives and attacks. He uses mind control on Mon-El and makes him and Kara fight. They stop the bounty hunter and he is taken to the DEO.

Mon-El thinks that he might know who’s behind the bounty, and calls his parents to the alien bar. They deny his accusation and once more ask him to return to Daxam with them. He refuses and they leave. Back at the DEO, the bounty hunter and J’onn get into a mental battle. J’onn wins, extracting the information that it was indeed the king and queen that placed the bounty. Mon-El is upset, saying that he believed them for half a second. There’s not much they can do to stop the Daxamites because the President ordered the DEO not to engage. Kara suggests that they just talk to Mon-El’s mother and try to convince her to call it all off.

But it doesn’t go well as Rhea shows up with Kryptonite sais. She is going to kill Kara, so Mon-El decides to go back with Daxam with them if Kara is spared. Rhea agrees and the two of them leave. Kara just isn’t going to let that happen and demands that J’onn let her onto the Daxamite ship to save him. He tells her about the President’s orders, but Kara won’t listen. She can’t let Mon-El go. J’onn finally agrees and they form their plan of attack.

Aboard the ship, Mon-El and his father discuss how they should change Daxam. Mon-El believes that they need to rebuild Daxam in a new light and give the people a voice. Lar Grand says that the people need them in order to tell them how to live. Rhea appears and slaps her son, ordering that he be placed in a cell for the four year journey back to Daxam. They are about to depart when Kara appears.

A fight breaks out and Rhea stabs her with the Kryptonite, but nothing happens. Kara then transforms into J’onn. Winn appears to break Mon-El out of his cell. On Earth, Kara and Alex watch the fighting. J’onn isn’t going to be victorious, so Kara rushes to his aid. Rhea gets the upper hand on Kara and is once more going to kill her. Mon-El and Winn appear. He shoots a hole in one of the windows, disrupting the battle and getting the sais sucked into space. When it’s all over, Mon-El says he isn’t going to leave with them. And Lar Grand tells Rhea that they need to let him go.

Back on Earth, J’onn is scolded by the President for disobeying a direct order. J’onn responds that he will accept whatever punishment she sees fit. For now though, the Daxamites have left Earth’s orbit. The communication ends and the President sheds her facade. She is an alien. We assumed during her previous episode that she was more than just human, so now we have confirmation that there is more to the President than meets the eye. Things could get tricky if Cadmus finds out about this.

Back on the Daxamite ship, Rhea comes to Lar Grand and tells him that they made a promise to always support each other. She says that he betrayed her when he let their sun go. Rhea stabs and kills her husband. She then turns to look out at Earth, saying she is far from finished.

We’re in the home stretch of episodes with only 5 remaining until the end of the season, and there are several factors being set up for the finale. We have the impending return of Cadmus. Lillian is slippery and she’ll come back with even more hatred. There’s the Daxamite threat. Rhea is determined to get Mon-El back. Murdering her husband is proof she’ll stop at nothing in order to do so. Then there’s this new mystery of what the President actually is. This whole season has been about human/alien relations, and I’m sure things are going to fall apart when it is exposed that the President has been an alien this whole time. I also can’t help but wonder if Lillian and Rhea will somehow meet up. They both have a personal vendetta against Kara. Them working together would be really bad for Team Supergirl.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Ace Reporter.’

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