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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Crossfire’

Published on November 8th, 2016 | Updated on November 8th, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Crossfire’

On this week’s episode of Supergirl, Kara is working to assimilate Mon-El to Earth (as Mike), and it doesn’t go very well. Kara gets him an assistant job at CatCo, but he has no idea what he is doing. Kara maybe should’ve trained him a little bit before setting him lose. He mostly goofs off and gets another assistant, Eve, to do his work for him, though she is more than willing to oblige. Needless to say, he is fired by the end of the episode.

Supergirl faces off against a gang who have been supplied alien weaponry by Cadmus. The evil organization then sends out another message condemning aliens and the new amnesty law put in place by the President. Kara has a hard time fighting this new gang as the weapons actually deal her some damage.

James decides to take matters into his own hands this week. He is tired of standing by while his two friends do the hero thing and wants more. James tries to stop the gang on his own, but it ends poorly. Winn figures out that James went after the gang and confronts him. He doesn’t want James to wind up dead, so James asks for his help. Winn refuses.

Lena Luther drops by Kara’s work and apartment to invite her and Supergirl to a gala she is hosting. Supergirl tries to warn Lena about throwing the party because the gang might strike. Lena assures her that if Supergirl is present, they would be stupid to try and attack. Kara juggles keeping her identity a secret from Lena at the party and it is rather funny. The gang strikes and they now have three alien guns. Kara tries to fight, but they are overpowering her. James and Mon-El join the fray. Meanwhile, Lena had her own plan. The party was actually a set-up to immobilize the gang and their weapons. With Winn’s help, they save the day.

After the party, Winn visits James and tells him that he understands the glory of being a hero. He remembers how excited he was to go from a desk job to the DEO and the thrill of saving the day. Winn then agrees to help James, but makes him promise not to fight any crime until his new suit is ready. James agrees, saying he already has a name in mind.

Kara realizes that she cannot force Mon-El to be someone he is not. She was overly excited at the prospect of having a protegee, and never thought how he might feel about the whole thing. Kara will help Mon-El in any way she can, but she is going to let him figure out the world for himself.

One of the most important and powerful story arcs from this episode is Alex coming to terms with her sexuality. There has definitely been some chemistry between Alex and Maggie, but Alex starts off by denying that she has feelings for her. She reflects on her past relationships during the episode and finally comes to grips with the fact that she had a hard time being intimate because she might actually be gay. She had always just believed that she wasn’t built to be intimate with someone and it wasn’t her thing. Her conversation with Maggie in the bar is so important. The CW and the Arrow-verse have been good about representing the LGBTQ community, but we have never seen a character struggle with their sexual identity. Most of the time, the characters are already established in a relationship, and the audience didn’t witness to their struggle. Perhaps the closest to this The CW came was on The 100 with the main character Clarke Griffin. Alex is going to struggle in the coming weeks with her feelings for Maggie as well as coming out to others. I am excited to see her getting her own story line and growing as a character.

The other important moment from the episode is the reveal of the true identity of our evil Cadmus scientist. After the gang is taken into custody, the woman orchestrates their death with a cerebral implant. She had warned them not to go after Lena Luthor because she knew that they wouldn’t succeed. But that may not have been the only reason. In the final scene, she comes to Lena, her hair down and not wearing her signature black, and Lena isn’t thrilled to see her mother. Now remember, Lena is adopted, so it isn’t yet known if the woman is a Luthor or Lena’s biological mother. Either way, things just got really interesting.

The next episode is entitled ‘Changing.’

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