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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Confidence Women’

Published on November 11th, 2019 | Updated on November 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Confidence Women’

Andrea Rojas has been ordered by Leviathan to kill Rip Roar, but Team Supergirl isn’t going to let that happen. After a failed attempt to liberate him from the DEO, Andrea is forced to ask for help. And there’s more to her story than we realize. Andrea is the shadow assassin who murdered Caroline O’Conner a few weeks ago. Andrea turns to Lena, and the majority of the episode is a flashback to a time when the two were the best of friends.

Supergirl/The CW

Since they were young, Lena has believed in a story her mother used to tell her about an amulet that allowed the wearer to control the darkness. Lena thought this just meant metaphorically. After Lex’s attempt on the world, Lena needed a win in her life so she and Andrea follow the trail to find the amulet. Unfortunately, Andrea gets to it first. At the persuasion of Leviathan, she takes it, then lies to Lena about it. The amulet grants Andrea the ability to move through shadows, and it’s years later when Lena finally learns the truth. She is completely destroyed to learn her best friend lied to her for all those years.

When Lena made the move to National City years later, this is why she was so guarded. The episode shows a few of the early interactions between Lena and Kara, in which Lena tells her that she isn’t here to make friends. She would rather just be alone. But eventually, Kara wears her down, and we know the rest of that story. Lena suffered at the hands of her family, and then at the hands of the two people she let her guard down for. That doesn’t mean she should try and enslave humanity’s minds though.

Supergirl/The CW

For Andrea, the road has also been tough. Her father was suffering, so she joined up with Leviathan in order to save him. Then, when she fell in love with Russell, she had to sacrifice him to Leviathan to spare his life. That’s why he became Rip Roar. Now, she just wants to break him out of the DEO and run away. Lena agrees to help. They put their plan into motion, which involves calling Supergirl away from the DEO while Andrea breaks in. Lena pretends to be hurt, putting up a sonic dampener so Kara won’t receive any alerts. Andrea uses Lena’s mind-control tech to waltz right into the DEO.

Thankfully, Alex is wearing a sonic dampener and isn’t affected by the device. She calls in J’onn and they face off against the shadow assassin. Andrea is a really skilled fighter, however, and enlists the help of some of the DEO agents. She is about to free Rip Roar when Alex calls out to Kara, who hears her. Supergirl arrives, throwing the agents into cells, but it’s too late. Andrea and Russell vanish into the shadows.

Back at Lena’s lab, she shows the true power of her device by having Russell place a knife to his throat. If Andrea doesn’t hand over the amulet, she’ll have him kill himself. Andrea does, but the amulet no longer contains the power of shadows. Lena doesn’t seem to care though, as she has Eve decipher to text on it. One name sticks out: Leviathan. And they aren’t done with Andrea just yet. As she and Russell try to escape, Leviathan tracks them down. There’s no backing out once you are in bed with the organization.

Now, the hunt is on for Leviathan. Will Team Supergirl get there first? Or will Lena find the organization and possibly use them for her own gain?

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Tremors.’

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