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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Better Angels’

Supergirl Recap ‘Better Angels’

Supergirl faces off against Non and Indigo during the season finale.

Myriad has been activated and enslaved just about everyone in National City. Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant are the only two humans that are unaffected by the frequency, but that is because Maxwell created a piece of technology that blocks the signal. He put that into a pair of earrings that he gave to Cat and she, luckily, wore them. The three team up to counter Myriad’s message with their own, one of hope. Before they can put that plan into action, Kara is called away and comes face-to-face with Alex, who is under mind control. The two sisters square off, and Kara really doesn’t stand a chance against the Krypton armor and sword Alex has. Alex is about to deliver the final blow when J’onn (who last we saw had been skewered by Indigo and presumed dead) appears with Eliza Danvers. She is able to talk Alex out of the mind control and then the four of them return to Cat’s old TV station to resume their plan to broadcast hope.

Supergirl delivers a message to the people of National City, telling them that they are under attack, but that doesn’t mean that the day is lost. She pleads with them to have hope and that together, they can defeat any threat. Winn and James have vivid flashbacks of their interactions with Kara (it was a bittersweet moment) and break free of Myriad’s hold. The rest of the city is soon to follow. They believe that Myriad has been defeated and that the day is saved, but Non has another trick up his sleeve.

Myriad’s frequency has been modified so that instead of enslaving the human race, it is overpowering the brain and will eventually cause it to burst. Exploding heads is a bad thing. While Maxwell works to figure out where Non is working from, Kara says her good-byes. There is a very slim chance that she will be able to take down Non and Indigo, but Kara isn’t one to back down in the face of terrible odds. She will fight no matter what, even if it means she won’t return. So Kara says good-bye to Cat, Winn, and James, who all pick up on her weird behavior and know that she is about to do something reckless. Maxwell discovers the location of Non and he has been hiding in Fort Rozz, which the government just left in Nevada. J’onn says that he is going with Kara, and is almost stopped by General Lang, who says that he is under arrest and can’t leave. They talk the general down and J’onn and Kara leave, but not before Kara gives Alex her necklace, saying to keep it safe. J’onn asks why she didn’t say good-bye and Kara says that if she had, Alex would have never let her leave.

Myriad’s signal is getting stronger and there is a short amount of time left before it is working at full capacity. Kara and J’onn have to wuickly take down Non and Indigo. They fight and it looks like the evil duo is too powerful. Kara and Non are locked in a laser-eye battle with Non having the upper hand. J’onn is about to be stabbed once again by Indigo, but she hesitates when Kara starts gaining ground on Non. J’onn takes the hesitation and grabs her. He then splits her in half (which was crazy awesome) and defeats her. Kara channels all of her rage and overpowers Non, burning his eyes. He goes down. Before she dies, Indigo tells them that they won’t be able to stop the signal. But Kara has a plan. She uses everything she has to fly Fort Rozz into space. She succeeds, but passes out. As she is floating in space, a pod piloted by Alex rescues her.

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

The day is saved. J’onn is pardoned by the president and reinstated as the director of the DEO, but he partially declines in favor of being co-directors with Lucy. Cat appears at Kara’s desk and starts packing everything away. Kara believes that she is being fired, but instead, Kara is getting a promotion (I really think that Cat knows and is just letting Kara keep the Supergirl secret). It was a really nice, heartfelt moment when Cat finally called Kara by her actual name. James and Kara have a sweet moment and it looks like they are going to move forward and start a relationship. He presents her with his favorite photo of Supergirl, which is one of Kara just being herself. He then kisses her. As Kara, Alex, J’onn, James, Winn, and Eliza make a toast to family, a bright light streaks across the sky. Kara and J’onn fly to find the source of the disturbance and find a Kryptonian pod. Kara opens the cockpit and looks confused. And that’s the end of the season! Darn cliffhangers!


Supergirl left a couple of plot lines open to be explored further in season two (which hasn’t yet been renewed, but really, come on CBS, just make the announcement already). We have the reveal that Jeremiah Danvers might still be alive and at Project Cadmus. The producers have teased Cadmus moving forward and I am excited for that. There was also a scene in the final moments where Maxwell gets his hands on the incredibly powerful power source, the omegahedron, which Non was using to power Myriad. He and General Lang are in the same room together and I don’t think that this is a good thing, and just when you were starting to not hate him anymore! I liked that he and Alex were caring for each other when they thought that they were about to die. But now he’s going to be maybe evil again. All I know is that he and the general are planning something and odds are it’s not good. They might both be working for Cadmus, and that would be an interesting move. I also think that the pod is connected to Cadmus.

So who is in the pod? Theories are already circulating and the three that are the most prominent are Power Girl, Krypto, and Superboy. The Power Girl that people are referring to is the Earth-2 version, who is actually Supergirl. When she comes to Earth-1 and finds that there is already a Supergirl, she changes her name to Power Girl so that nobody knows who she actually is and where she is from. This would be an interesting twist to the story as Power Girl is an older version of Kara. Since the show is exploring the Multiverse, Power Girl is definitely a possibility. Krypto is a super dog. He would be a fun addition to the story, but I don’t quite know if the show would go that route. It is an interesting idea, but I don’t think it’s likely. My money is on Superboy. With Cadmus being teased, there is a high possibility that we will see him at some point. Superboy is created by Cadmus to take down Superman, so why not unleash him on the world and make them believe that he was also sent from Krypton. Using the pod would be a nice touch. Maxwell was already involved in creating Bizzaro Supergirl so why not also be involved with Superboy.

Another theory, that I actually really just came up with while typing this, is H’el. He recently made an appearance in the New 52 story arc “H’el on Earth.” He is a Kryptonian that was sent to Earth by Jor-El. His goal is to bring Krypton back to life by sacrificing Earth. In the comics, he and Kara have an intimate relationship and he uses her to help him take down Superman and Superboy. This would be a really cool arc for season two and would explain the Kryptonian pod. Even though I would love for this to happen, I don’t think that it will. I still am putting my money on Superboy.

Who do you think is in the pod? Are you excited for a second season of Supergirl? The series has become so strong since the pilot and I cannot wait for more. Cheers to a great first season!

Image: CBS
Image: CBS

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