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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘All About Eve’

Supergirl Recap ‘All About Eve’

The episode begins with the DEO infiltrating the Luthor manshion and finding Lena bound and drugged. Lena isn’t one to stay down for long, and is back trying to foil Lex’s plans despite not being completely cleared by the doctors. She and Alex are at the DEO planning their next move when Supergirl appears. The three decide to work together to bring down the evil mastermind, and Colonel Haley agrees. Their only lead to finding Lex is to find Eve.

Meanwhile, J’onn continues to have an identity crisis. He believes that he isn’t honoring his father, which is causing his powers to short out. J’onn takes the Staff and uses it as a conection to try and speak with M’yrnn. Miraculously, it works. M’yrnn says that if J’onn doesn’t walk in the path of peace, then the Martian letters will be taken away from him. If this happens, then all Martian history will disappear. J’onn is at war with himself though, wanting to keep the letters, but also knowing that he is living a lie by saying he is a man of peace. M’yrnn continues to push his son, eventually causing J’onn to give up what his father left behind. J’onn is a manhunter, and he cannot keep lying to himself about that. M’yrnn was trying to provoke J’onn simply to get him to accept himself. J’onn is not his father, and M’yrnn never expected him to be.

Supergirl, Alex, and Lena track down Eve’s secret lab, along the way discovering that Eve used the cure on her aunt. When the arrive, Eve has a piece of the Haren-el stored away. Supergirl gets really upset with Lena for making more of the Black Kryptonite. This time around, Lena stands her ground and defends her decisions. She tells Supergirl that she always sees red when it comes to Lena having an item that makes Supergirl feel vulnerable. Lena is doing what she can to help those who feel defenseless and doesn’t intend to cause harm to Supergirl. Finally, Supergirl relents and apologizes for always being so critical of Lena. Then, they discover how Otis Graves is back in the picture. Eve brought him back with Kyrptonite, creating another Metallo.

'Supergirl' Recap 'All About Eve'

Later, there is a press conference on TV about the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act. And guess who is hanging around in the background and swaying the politicians? Eve. Supergirl flies off to apprehend Eve, but it was all part of their plan. She traps Supergirl in a Kyrptonite suit, then unleashes the Syrian copy on the White House. “Supergirl” flies in and starts attacking the president and polticians. Then, she leaves. Kara is released, but the damage has been done. The president makes an official announcement that Supergirl is now Public Enemy #1. Luckily for Kara, Alex, Lena, and Colonel Haley all believe she would never do this. They are going to help her figure out the truth.

'Supergirl' Recap 'All About Eve'
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Thank goodness Kara is going to get some help. Lex has created a dark web of lies surrounding the Sons of Liberty and the attack on the White House. And did all of this while he was supposed to be in prison. He is truly a mastermind. If there’s one person who can match him, it’s Lena. She and Lillian shared some great scenes this week in which Lena declared that she would never be on the same side as her adopted mother and brother.

Supergirl returns with new episodes Sunday, April 21 on The CW.