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‘Supergirl’ Season Finale Preview ‘The Quest for Peace’

Supergirl Season Finale Preview ‘The Quest for Peace’

It’s time for Supergirl to face off against Lex Luthor, but the odds are not in her favor. Lex has planned every single step in his quest to rid the world of the Supers and become a hero. Last week’s episode ended with Lex killing his pawn, Red Daughter, and being praised for his actions by the President. Kara thought she might be able to expose Lex’s true nature by publishing an article with Cat Co, but it looks like she might be too late for that to do any good. If Kara, Lena, and Lillian join forces, I think that may be the only way to defeat the evil mastermind.

But then Agent Liberty is still in the picture and is hyped up on Haren-El. Lena and James worked together last week to figure out if Lockwood had any idea where Lex was hiding, but the alien hater was a dead end. Lockwood realized that he was being manipulated by Lex and the Graves’ siblings, which was news he didn’t take well. He ended up murdering Otis by pulling out his Kryptonite heart. If James is any indication of how the Haren-El interacts with the body, it will soon destroy Lockwood. Unless Lillian can remove the Haren-El from his system. That isn’t something I see him willingly doing, though. Perhaps Team Supergirl will be able to recruit George, who might be the only one who can talk sense into his father.

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