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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Blood Bonds’

Supergirl Preview ‘Blood Bonds’

When we last saw Supergirl, she was about to face off with her uncle, Non. The episode ended right as they rushed toward each other, and I was mad that we then had to wait a couple of weeks for the resolution of the fight.

The description for the mid-season premier reveals that Hank is taken captive by Non. I bet he uses the director of the DEO as a bargaining chip to get his wife Astra back. Hank could probably defeat Non if he wanted to, but I think that he will do everything in his power not to reveal his secret. If he did, the Kryptonian would out the Martian to everyone else, and that would be really bad. My hope is that Kara finds out soon though. It will make their dynamic even more fascinating.

In the last episode, Cat figured out that Kara is Supergirl, so there’s something else that Kara has to deal with. From the episode description, we find out that Kara is going to continue to deny her true identity and convince Cat that she is not Supergirl. I think Kara should just accept Cat into the fold. Her knowing frees up Kara from the stress of work and having to sneak around. I previously wrote that Cat could potentially use some of Kara’s powers for personal and/or professional gain, so that might be why Kara is reluctant to include her. If she were to just tell Cat the truth, having her as a part of the team would be rather interesting. I don’t know how the uptight CEO would mesh with James and Winn.

A scene from the next episode reveals Maxwell Lord is not very happy about the assault on his lab. He is even less happy with Alex. He now knows that she works with the DEO and Supergirl. In the clip, Alex tries to help Maxwell and figure out why Non attacked in the first place, but he deflects her answers by yelling at her to leave him alone. It is clear that he is definitely hiding something. I am convinced that he is bad news, and perhaps being set up as the big bad of season 2. We will likely see a lot more of him the rest of the season.

Supergirl returns Monday, January 4, on CBS.

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