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‘Supergirl’ Preview ‘Bizarro’

Supergirl Preview ‘Biazarro’

In the next episode, it is Supergirl vs. Supergirl.

Maxwell has created his own woman of steel and will pit her against Kara. I wonder if we will get a reveal for the rest of the characters that Maxwell knows Supergirl’s true identity. It’s a possibility since one of the battles takes place with Kara in her civilian clothes.

It looks to be a pretty intense episode. Bizarro Supergirl is essentially a monster, and, knowing Kara, she will feel sorry for her. She won’t try to kill her, but that will make things difficult because Bizarro was brainwashed and bred to kill Supergirl. I wonder if Martian Manhunter will be called in for help. Maxwell knows there’s a shapeshifter on Kara’s team, but I can’t imagine what would happen if he found out about J’onn. Maxwell is really turning out to be quite the villain and I wonder what else he has brewing in that lab of his.

Now much in the way of news this week, so that’s all for Monday’s new episode.

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