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‘Supergirl’: Jeremy Jordan Dishes on Behind-the-Scene Antics

Published on October 24th, 2017 | Updated on October 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Supergirl: Jeremy Jordan Dishes on Behind-the-Scene Antics

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This past weekend, Newsies and Supergirl star Jeremy Jordan took the stage at Dallas Comic Con Fan Days to answer the audience’s burning questions. Jordan portrays Winslow “Winn” Schott on Supergirl, who made the transition in Season 2 from IT guy at CatCo to lead techie of the DEO.

When asked about his favorite scene, Jordan answered instead with his favorite scene partner.

“Personally, my favorite stuff is when i get to work with Chyler, who plays Alex. Because we just literally laugh the entire time.”

Jordan then goes on to describe his inability to look her in the eyes whenever they are in a scene together. He’ll do everything he can to get through a scene without breaking, including staring at her nose or eyebrows. The second he looks into her eyes, he loses it.

“I love doing stuff with her. There’s been a couple of scenes where she does her Alex-staredown and just completely knocks me off my guard. And those are really fun to shoot for me personally.”

In regards to the hardest part of filming Supergirl, Jordan says that it’s the scenes where he has to go off on all these technological rants that are the most difficult. He laughs at the ridiculous lines he is asked to deliver. Another challenging aspect is when he is talking on the phone and it’s just him in the scene.

“What’s also really tough is when you’re doing scenes were you’re on the phone and it’s all like super high stakes, and you’re like ‘Supergirl! No!’ And you’re just alone in the room. You and a bunch of cameramen and they’re just…[nodding]. And they’re fully judging you. And you’re like, ‘Shut up, nobody asked you. Just make sure there’s light on my face.'”

Jordan went on to describe the chill nature of the set, saying that there is a green room that they frequent when not filming that is complete with a TV, ping pong table, LEGOs, and dogs. He says that part of your role as an actor is to know when to turn it on. They will be having fun and goofing off, but as soon as the camera rolls, they will flip a switch and be ready to jump into the scene.

One fan asked Jordan what it was like working with Kevin Smith, who directed a couple of episodes of Supergirl.

“He’s nuts. But I love him. His whole thing is that he doesn’t do anything. He just watches other people do their thing, and occasionally says ‘That was good.’ So he kinda does best is motivate everybody. He’s always leading cheers and literally after every take, he makes everybody applaud for you. So it’s kinda nice. And then if you do good, and even if you don’t do good, he’ll go to the dollar store and get you a little Nerf gun or like a little toy, and he’ll be like, ‘This is yours if you don’t mess up.'”

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One of the final questions of the panel was where Jordan hopes Winn’s character will go. Jordan admits that his biggest wish is that Winn turns evil. The character is based off of the classic Batman villain Toyman, but most of the comic attributes were given to Winn’s father. The Season 1 episode “Childish Things” featured the relationship between father and son, and there were some moments that suggested Winn might at some point follow in his father’s footsteps. Winn doesn’t want to be anything like his father, but there is that part of him that worries he might end up being a bad guy. Jordan thinks it would be fun to explore the bad side of Winn.

“And I love playing the comic relief, but I’d love to do something a little bit different. I think he needs a little more heartbreak. I think he needs to lose something really big in order to go down that road, but, at the same time, even if he gets super evil, he’ll still retain that humor and wacky personality. That’s kind of my dream for this series-long trajectory. And maybe at the end he gets redeemed.”

Jordan closes out by joking that maybe he’ll finally get to kiss Supergirl in the end.

Supergirl airs Monday nights on The CW.

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