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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Fight or Flight’

Published on November 9th, 2015 | Updated on May 21st, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Fight or Flight’

This episode picks up where the last one left off, with Supergirl agreeing to the interview with Cat. The good news is that Cat doesn’t realize that Supergirl is actually her assistant. The bad news is that Kara lets slip that she and Superman are cousins.

Which brings this week’s villain, Reactron, to National City. He’s here to kill Kara as a way to hurt Superman. We find out that he is actually a human that lost his wife in a reactor accident that the Man of Steel failed to stop. He now has an advanced suit that harness radioactive power. Because he is a human with fancy technology, Henshaw says that the DEO cannot interfere as they only deal with alien threats. Kara isn’t too happy about that. James even thinks that Kara should sit back and let Superman deal with him. Kara goes up against Reactron anyway when he kidnaps Maxwell Lord.

This week is all about Kara trying to get people to believe in Supergirl. When she goes to save Lord, Reactron almost kills her, but Superman comes to rescue and saves her life. James called him to save her. The expose that Cat is writing doesn’t inspire confidence in Supergirl, claiming that she will always call her cousin when things get too tough (like Millennials calling their parents). In the end, Kara earns all of their trust by stopping Reactron. Henshaw even relents and says the DEO will back Supergirl against all threats, not just those that are alien. Kara gets some messages from Superman and he too believes in her and thinks that she is doing a great job (that scene was really sweet, but it would have been better in person).


James and Kara grow even closer in this episode, much to Winn’s dismay. I personally like the idea of Winn and Kara being together. They are just so awkward and nerdy. Anyway, James admits that he called Superman because he was scared. Superman has always been his safety net and it was a reflex when Kara was in danger. Later, he puts his life on the line to give Kara time to save Winn and figure out how to stop Reactron. At the end of the episode, Kara is about to ask James out on a date, but walks in on him and Lucy Lane having a conversation about their past relationship.

This week took a step away from the main season arc, but did a lot of character work, especially for Kara. I love the sequences with Alex and Kara just being sisters. They are cute and I love their relationship. This is also the most we have seen and heard from Cat outside of her staff meetings (her remarks to Kara are always funny). She may be a nemesis, evil journalist, but she does help Kara realize Supergirl needs to be her own person. Like last week’s message, Kara is going to have to work extra hard in order to establish herself.

For the first time, we get a glimpse of Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli), and not just him making comments on a news report. He is Supergirl’s biggest critic, and even credits Superman as his savior, which really irks Kara. She did technically get there first and draw Reactron out. He does thank Supergirl the second time though. The question on everyone’s mind is who exactly is Maxwell Lord? In the comics, he has telekinesis (developed later in life) and is a mastermind, but he is most known for creating the Justice League International. As of now, it is unclear if he has any abilities, and I am a bit skeptical that he is a good guy, but who knows, maybe he’ll come around.

Next week’s episode is entitled “How Does She Do It?” I expect more from Cat and her expose.

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