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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘The Darkest Place’

Supergirl Recap ‘The Darkest Place’

In this week’s episode of Supergirl, Kara isn’t so sure about Guardian. He is helping her save the city, but she is hesitant because he won’t show his face. James and Winn try to sway her opinion without revealing that they’re the ones behind the operation. Alex is quick to point out that Guardian has a side-kick. They are interrupted in their debate by Maggie, who wants to talk to Alex, but she doesn’t really want to have a conversation with her since Maggie broke her heart last episode.

James is out in the field stopping a drug deal. He hangs up the criminal and leaves him for the police, but someone else shows up and kills the man. The news is reporting Guardian’s turn to murder and James has to try and figure out a way to clear his name. Maggie leads the charge against Guardian. Later, Alex realizes what is going on and threatens to torture Winn until he tells her who is under the Guardian mask. He gives up that secret pretty easily. Alex goes to Maggie and confesses how hurt she has been feeling since Maggie turned her down, then asks her to lay off of Guardian. James and Winn figure out that the vigilante is targeting men who were arrest but got off due to technical errors. An ex-Navy Seal, Philip, lost his wife and the murderer got off. That man was killed a couple of weeks ago and Winn believes that Philip liked the taste of revenge and continued his rampage. James and Winn locate the next target and manage to stop him before the police arrive. Maggie and Alex witness the take-down and Maggie lets Guardian go. He is cleared of all crimes.

Meanwhile, Mon-El was taken hostage by Cadmus in order to get Kara, and it works. She winds up facing off against Hank Henshaw, the real Hank Henshaw, who has been altered by Cadmus into Cyborg Superman. Kara is not match for his power and ends up in a cell next to Mon-El. Enter Lillian Luthor, who wants to know why Supergirl has been hanging around her daughter. She also tells them that Lex didn’t deserve to be in prison. Superman played Lex, claiming friendship, then turned the people against him. As a result, Lillian wants to rid the world of all aliens. She wants Kara for something, but needs her to be human in order to achieve her goal. Lillian asks for Kara to burn up her power. If she doesn’t, they will harm Mon-El. Kara refuses so Lillain shoots Mon-El and it turns out Daxamites are to lead as Kryptonians are to Krypton. Kara agrees to go along with them if they promise not to kill Mon-El. Lillian puts a helmet on Kara that forces her to use her powers. They then draw her blood and return her to her cell.

Kara asks Mon-El to deliver a message to Alex if she doesn’t make it out of Cadmus alive and to tell her that she wasn’t scared. Mon-El admits that he is terrified. He then says that he has felt a change in him because of Kara. She is making him stronger as a person. Kara says that the prince that scarified his life on Daxam for Mon-El probable recognized that inner strength. Mon-El is then about to admit something about his life on Daxam when they are interrupted. A man in a hood comes up to their cell and frees them. It is Jeremiah, and he seems to be in an okay condition. He helps Kara and Mon-El flee Cadmus, but must remain behind. Kara says that they will come back for him.

J’onn has been having some issues since he received the blood transfusion from M’gann. His hand is shaking and he is having visions of his family. He even has a vision of a White Martian in the DEO and almost shoots an agent. Alex stops him and they decide to run some more blood tests to figure out what is going on. They discover new cells forming in his blood and J’onn knows exactly what that means. J’onn goes to M’gann and forces her to reveal her true state. She says that she was the White Martian who broke ranks. M’gann assures J’onn that she tried to save as many Green Martians as she could, but he doesn’t want to listen. They fight and J’onn is going to kill her when he stops. Instead, he throws her in a cell in the DEO to rot. She tells J’onn that the White Martians were running experiments to try and figure out a new way to exterminate the Green Martians. M’gann tells him that by having her blood in his system, he will turn into a White Martian.

Once back to the DEO, Kara tells Alex that Jeremiah is alive and they sweep the facility where they were being imprisoned, but Cadmus had fled. Alex is worried about what they needed Kara’s blood for. The final scene of the episode is Hank going to the Fortress of Solitude. He is recognized as an invader by the Fortress robot at first. He then takes out Kara’s blood and pours it on his hand. He is called Kara and the computer responds to his command. He asks for all the information on a project called “Medusa.”

This episode revealed a lot about Cadmus and what they have planned for aliens. I am intrigued by this new project, but the Kryptonians really need to stop leaving their plans for world destruction lying around. Lillian is an interesting character and is driven by the love of her son. It isn’t yet known if Lena knows of her mother’s moonlighting as a Cadmus scientist. Lena is on better terms with Supergirl than her own mother, so I think she would side with the aliens if the plan comes to light. If Lillian were to be killed, especially by Kara, Lena might be driven by anger to take over her mother’s position at Cadmus. She is incredibly smart and the organization would definitely be able to use some of her tech ideas.

I’m still not convinced, however, that Lillian is the leader of Cadmus. I think that there is someone else pulling the strings, and it might be Jeremiah. He tells Kara when they part ways that he has survived in Cadmus for 15 years and can wait a little bit longer to leave. He has to have some sort of influence to be able to say that. Gain Kara’s trust and then betray her later. Again, The Flash has made me suspicious of everyone. If he is, it will be interesting to see his turn to hating aliens. He never seemed like that guy last season as he raised Kara and saved J’onn’s life. I hope that they don’t turn him bad, but I have a feeling that something isn’t right with him.

Next week’s episode is entitled ‘Medusa’ and will kick off the four-night crossover event ‘Heroes vs Aliens.’

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