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Supergirl: A Major Reveal Happened Off-screen? What The Hell!?

Supergirl has been finishing off what started last year, dealing with Lex Luthor. It’s been kind of crazy, to be honest, but Tuesday’s episode committed a grave sin. A major reveal happened off-screen! This episode had one good thing going for it though, Lena Luthor! I wish I could spend the rest of this article discussing her. Sadly that’s not what I’m here to discuss as Lena isn’t the one who committed the sin. No, this sin relates to the reveal of Kara’s secret. You know the one, it’s basically her one big secret and has been since the first episode. You know! That Kara Danvers is Supergirl! Don’t tell anyone though, unless you’re going to do it offscreen. Then it’s apparently okay, which confuses the heck out of me. I have no idea what to make of this but it looks like there’s a new person in the inner circle. A character was told that Kara is Supergirl but off-screen. How disappointing is that? Read on to find out who the new secret keeper is! I, myself, only found out when Supergirl started trending on Twitter and people weren’t happy.

So, apparently, Kelly was told Kara’s secret by Alex… at some point. We don’t know when this happened exactly, since we weren’t allowed to see it and fans aren’t exactly happy. I think it’s less the fact that this scene didn’t make it into the episode but other things did. It sounds like one point of contempt is that several useless scenes were present while we never saw Kelly learn Supergirl‘s identity. This is a relatively big moment for the couple and fundamentally changes Kelly’s relationship with Kara. Now, well, we’ll just never get to see that moment it seems. Maybe if the people behind Supergirl deem us worthy we can MAYBE get it as a deleted scene when the Blurays come out. I can’t believe a major reveal happened off-screen. Thanks, Supergirl. Thanks.

Supergirl airs every Tuesday on The CW.


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