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‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Worlds Finest’

Published on March 29th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

Supergirl Recap ‘Worlds Finest’

Kara is still dealing with the after effects of her exposure to Red Kryptonite as the people of National City don’t trust her. She has been doing everything that she can to win them back, but so far, nothing has worked.

After Siobhan uses her voice to save herself from a fall off the roof, Winn takes her to the DEO to have her checked out. The results come back and she isn’t an alien, just a human with abilities. While at the DEO, Siobhan comes across the imprisoned Livewire. Siobhan learns that her abilities have been passed down for generations and that they will not stop until she kills the one who caused her pain, Cat and Kara. After breaking Livewire out of the DEO, they join forces. Siobhan attacks Kara with a voice blast and knocks her out a window. The frequency messed with Kara’s senses so she is unable to stop herself from falling, but luckily, The Flash comes out of a breach and saves her life. Just as I had suspected, Kara and Barry are adorable from the start. They instantly connect and Kara agrees to help Barry figure out how to get back to his Earth. This plan takes a backseat once Siobhan breaks Livewire out of prison.

The first time the pair fights the two villains, it does not go well. Livewire and the now fully realized Silver Banshee are too powerful. I like how they juxtaposed Supergirl and the Flash’s different methods of taking down the bad guys. Barry usually has a whole team behind him and they are very thoughtful in how they go about the fight. Supergirl is nearly indestructible so her method has always been to jump into the fight and figure it out as she goes along. She has had the DEO for support, but mostly J’onn and Alex, but they are both gone. The first time they face off against Livewire and Silver Banshee, Kara doesn’t listen to Barry about forming a plan and things go terribly. The next time, Kara allows Barry to do the other thing he does best and be a scientist. He builds earplugs, the same ones they used against Pied Piper on The Flash, and were able to take Silver Banshee’s powers out of the equation.

Livewire is ruthless. In the final battle, she targets a helicopter and is set on bringing it down and killing the people in the park. Kara gets in front of the bolt of lightning and absorbs it all, knocking her out of the sky and momentarily incapacitating her. Livewire is about to hit her with more when National City comes to Supergirl’s aid. The people get in between Livewire and Supergirl. This distracts Livewire long enough for the fire department to show up and spray her with a jet of water. It was a bittersweet moment to have the Girl of Steel saved by her city.

The episode ended with Barry and Kara joining forces to get enough speed to send Barry home. Before that, Barry suggests to Kara that she takes a leap of faith with James. Even he can see how much the two care for each other. Kara takes the advice and invites James over and kisses him. When James doesn’t react, Kara starts panicking, but then James suddenly walks out of the apartment, joining other people in the hall who are mindlessly walking. Kara looks outside and all of National City are acting the same way. Myriad has been activated.

This was a really fantastic crossover and episode. It succeeded in being a fun episode while also advancing the plot of Supergirl. Not only did we get the activation of Myriad, but also Supergirl regaining the trust of her city. Kara and Barry are super adorable together and I hope that there are more crossovers in the future. I can’t imagine Supergirl showing up in Central City. Cisco and Caitlin would have a field day.

The next episode is entitled ‘Myriad.’

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