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‘Super Mario Maker 2’ Sets June 28th Release Date

Published on April 25th, 2019 | Updated on April 25th, 2019 | By FanFest

Super Mario Maker 2, The highly anticipated follow up to the Wii U original, has set a release date for June 28th, 2019 and will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Rather than a rehash of the Wii U original, Super Mario Maker 2 is a full-fledged sequel filled to the brim with new tools, items, and features allowing users to create nearly any type of course their imagination can conjure.

Also, this time around, you can add slopes to levels! Ever wanted to slide down a hill knocking out hundreds of enemies in a row? Well now you can! Your imagination is the limit.

Players can share their creations online through the Nintendo Online system and download courses created by others, leading to essentially an endless list of levels to play. Ranging from easy to incredibly difficult, there will be enough content to keep even the most avid Mario player entertained and challenged.

Assets from all previous Mario games are available and can be mixed together to create levels players could previously only dream of. What will you create first?

You can view Super Mario Maker 2’s release trailer below:



Super Mario Maker 2 is developed and published by Nintendo and is available to pre-order now through most major outlets.

Are you excited to create your own Mario levels? Let us know in the comments!

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