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Suicide Squad’s Joker was Meant to be a lot ‘Darker’ of a Character

When Suicide Squad debuted, it was one of those films that left audiences and critics on two sides of a well-drawn line. It was loved or it was hated, not many people left the theater with the notion that it was ‘an okay film’. People said it hyped up the characters too much, others said there wasn’t enough of a current plot, and some big complaints came from the lack of scenes with the Joker aside from what we saw in trailers and teasers.

Of course, those who loved the film enjoyed having so much focus on who the characters were and what made them that way, on the way the plot was so heavily focused on their pasts, but even then…they too could have gone for more of the Joker. In fact, it’s already been a topic of conversation on social media with the talk of a new director – fans want to see Leto’s Joker, to really see him.

In two photos posted on Instagram of the Suicide Squad cinematographer Roman Vasyanov, fans were given a bit more of the Joker, but he was only in one of the photographs.

Here, we see Joker’s ‘Dancing Bats’ likely cut from the infamous club scene where Harley Quinn dances before being called by the Joker himself. One of the bats is chained with a collar and the other sits beside her, caged as well, even if it’s not noticeable.

Here, fans get a look at the broken look on the Joker’s face after crashing his helicopter and being rejected by Harley Quinn. The scene was cut from the film, as was a lot of interaction between the two which showed the darker side of their relationship. This is something that bothered fans from the beginning.

Some said it helped to romanticize an unhealthy relationship while others said it would have been a necessary look at the darker side of the Joker and what Jared Leto put into bringing that character to life.

With Jaume Collet-Serra as a front runner for Filmmaker, fans are hopeful that we’ll see a darker side of the Joker in Suicide Squad 2.