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‘Suicide Squad’: Jared Leto Wants a Team Up Between Batman and Joker

Published on August 7th, 2016 | Updated on August 7th, 2016 | By FanFest

Now that Suicide Squad has been released, of course a lot of interviews with cast members will be coming online. This is no different! Jared Leto joins BBC Radio 5 for an interview and was asked a question by a fan, about who the Joker woul team up with. Some may think the answer is a bit off, but I totally see what he wants to say with it.

“I think that the most compelling character to team up with would be Batman. I know he’s not a villain, but it would just be so much fun. The thing about this film is, for a lot of people, the Joker is exciting when he’s pulling the strings. In this film, it’s more of an introduction to the Joker. As the film stands now, it’s much more of a supporting part than a lot of people may have assumed. It feels like there could be more to come.”

Check out the rest of the interview below!

I think he is totally right. This would be the Joker’s answer as well. If you look at the whole persona around the Joker, especially in the video games, it’s the thing he’ll most desire.

Suicide Squad is out now! Have you seen it yet?

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