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Stranger Things: Season 4 Will Turn Joe Keery into an 80’s Action Hero

Published on April 19th, 2022 | Updated on April 19th, 2022 | By FanFest

Stranger Things season four is on the way, following our group of misfits as they face off against the frightening creatures of the Upside Down for the second time. Season one premiered in 2016, with our stars looking considerably younger than they are now as we were whisked away to Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. Joe Keery‘s Steve Harrington wasn’t a fan-favorite from the start but that has changed as the seasons have progressed.

When we first met Steve, he was somewhat of an adversary; not as evil as a Demogorgon, but he was still a brat. In season two, he revealed a considerably kinder side when he befriended our young protagonists and protected them, telling Nancy, “I may be a pretty shitty boyfriend, but it turns out I’m actually a pretty damn good babysitter.”

His connection with his charges, especially his friendship with Dustin, was particularly endearing and good that the two became one of the show’s greatest assets in following seasons. It appears he hasn’t finished watching out for the gang yet; according to co-star Maya Hawke (Robin), Steve is set to become a significant action hero.

Hawke expressed similar sentiments during a virtual Stranger Things set visit (via Screen Rant), praising Keery’s stunt work and action sequences.

“That stuff is really fun to watch and really fun to act in, and some of it, especially, there’s some amazing action stuff this season. Joe, especially, is such an unbelievable action hero. Like someone make that guy Indiana Jones right away. It’s really inspiring to work with someone who is so good with stunts and so good with imaginary bad guys. But it’s always the most fun to come back into the interpersonal dynamics.”

The quote implies that the following season will be very action-focused, with the Duffer brothers upping the ante in the final season of the hit series. Given Hawke’s comment that he is “so good with imaginary bad guys,” it appears that Steve will have to face off against some CGI monsters.

Although there is no footage of Steve in action in the trailer, he may be fighting any of the many Upside Down creatures set to appear in season four. There’s a shot of them walking into battle, with Nancy telling him they’ll see each other “on the other side.”

Season four of Stranger Things will put our young heroes to the test as larger dangers loom ahead, and it appears that Steve will take up the challenge, growing in confidence to assist his friends and defend those he cares about.

Stranger Things 4 will premiere on Netflix on May 27, with Volume 1 following on July 1.

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