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‘Stranger Things’ Actor Gives a Powerful Reading Of ‘Running Up That Hill’

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Brett Gelman delivered a theatrical version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” that was thrilling.

Brett Gelman, a comedian and actor, starred in a skit called “The Late Show’s Dramatic Reading with Brett Gelman,” which saw him seated in an armchair on the stage. In his trademark dark glasses and a striking three-piece black and white suit, Gelman performed a spoken word version of the song. His rendition of the flame-filled lyrics was both entertaining and energetic.

Murray Bauman, a.k.a The Bald Eagle, is played by Gelman in the Netflix series Stranger Things. His character was an ex-investigative journalist who joined up with Joyce Byers to decode a Russian cipher after becoming an accidental hero when he teamed up with her to rescue Hawkins police chief Jim Hopper from a prison in Kamchatka.

In Russia, Murray revealed another side. He turned out to be a low-key bad guy who defeated Yuri with his hidden karate skills and even used a flameflower to evicerate Demongorgons. What’s next for the cult hero in season 5 is a mystery, as The Duffer Bros. are keeping their plans secret. Gelman acknowledged that Murray’s chances of surviving season 5 are uncertain, but he remains hopeful.

‘Stranger Things' Actor Gives a Powerful Reading Of 'Running Up That Hill'

In the past, John Hamm has confirmed that he is in favor of Byler and Eleven’s relationship, but also supports Mike and Eleven’s relationship depending on the situation.

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