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Steven Yeun to Star in ‘Mayhem’ Hitting Theaters this Fall

Published on May 24th, 2017 | Updated on May 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

RLJ Entertainment

Steven Yeun is going to star in a film that’s a bit reminiscent to The Walking Dead, at least in the sense that a virus is threatening public safety. There just won’t be any zombies, unless that is, someone’s deepest urge is to…eat another person? The film is titled Mayhem and will be released in theaters and on demand this fall.

The film will show Steven as Derek Saunders, an attorney wrongfully fired on the same day that an airborne virus infects the corporate tower of the law firm that he works for. The virus isn’t the zombie infection that Steven is used to fighting, it’s one that makes people act out their deepest impulses before viral rage takes over.

Derek is stuck in the building as he fights for his life and his job. We don’t know much else about the film so far, but it does star Samar Weaving, Steven Brand, and Dallas Roberts. If people really are acting out their deepest urges, we’re sure there will be some comedy, drama, and obviously (thanks to that sneak peek photo) a bit of blood and gore.

Joe Lynch is directing the film will be released in cinemas by RLJ Entertainment.  In early 2018, Shudder will also stream the film.

Mayhem is a very personal film for us that has affected and engaged festival audiences looking for some insane, cathartic fun in these trying times. With RLJ Entertainment and Shudder working together to bring Mayhem to the masses, I am confident that this crazy flick will find its audience in the best way possible.’


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