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‘Steven Universe’ Recap ‘Familiar’

Published on December 25th, 2018 | Updated on December 25th, 2018 | By FanFest


Welcome to Season Six of Steven Universe everyone, didn’t hiatus feel like forever?

Steven is still in Pink’s room, joint by some magical little pebbles and eventually Pearl, having left the others on the ship.

Steven is then summoned by Yellow Pearl to meet Yellow Diamond in the extraction chamber.

They discuss Steven’s conversation with White Diamond, Yellow is blown away that Steven managed to get 2 and a half words out to her – a record. Steven laments this is not enough and that they need White’s help to fix the corrupted gems back on Earth, but Yellow doubts he’ll have any luck, as White never leaves her head these days and no-one can get in, except Steven.

Yellow is called away to look at production reports, just as Blue Pearl summons Steven to meet with Blue Diamond.

Blue is delighted to see Steven, even calling his by his own name and complimenting Pink’s creativity. She describes to Steven the games all 4 Diamond’s used to play together in her chambers, but quickly grows sad explaining that after Pink left they entered Era 2, with no-one wanting to be there anymore with Pink’s empty spot.

Back in Pink’s room, Pearl explains Pink’s role to Steven, she often threw parties to celebrate the accomplishments of the other diamonds, and all four would celebrate together.

We’re then treated to an adorable song – Familiar – the highlight of the episode as Steven duets with the pebbles who design and create a new pink outfit for him. Steven starts to realise maybe he and his mother weren’t as different as he thought, and if he could win over the Crystal Gems, maybe he can win over the Diamond family too.

The episode ends with the arrival of Garnet, Amethyst and Connie and Steven’s declaration that he’s going to throw a massive party, and invite everyone!

It’s a jam packed episode with our first real exploration of Pink’s life on Homeworld. There’s so many little details to spot, the faces on the walls and objects, and the design differences in each chamber, Homeworld is even more beautiful and intricate than we could have imagined.

There’s also some great humour regarding Steven’s size in comparison to the other diamond’s and some lovely moments between Steven, Yellow and Blue as we see their big sister love starting to come back.

It seems like we’ll be on Homeworld for at least the next couple of episodes, or most likely the whole Diamond Days events, and while we’ll miss all the Beach City crew, it’s great to finally explore the origins of the gems and see more of Blue and Yellow, two of the shows most mysterious beings. Fingers crossed we’ll get to see more of the terrifying White Diamond next week too.

Let me know what you thought if the episode in the comment, and Merry Christmas fellow Universe-ers.



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