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‘Steven Universe Future’ Recap ‘Why So Blue?’

Published on December 21st, 2019 | Updated on December 21st, 2019 | By FanFest

Steven Universe Future Recap Why So Blue – Episode 8

Despite Steven’s broadcast to the galaxy, there are still some gems out there who don’t know the war is over. Steven and Lapis travel to a planet to find two gems that might need their help. Lapis is worried Steven will go too soft, but he knows better. The planet is filled with living bulbs who bloom with affection (all the Pumpkin vibes, RIP). Unfortunately the pair discover that there are two other Lapis’ who didn’t quite understand the new order of things.

Steven takes the lead and explains that they are free to do whatever they want, no need to destroy planets. Turns out, what the Lapis’ want to do is destroy planets. Our Lapis tries to explain to them that there is so much more, and shows them meep corps and other transformations. With Steven’s encouragement, she breaks in to song and describes all the wonder Earth has to hold.

Unfortunately, Lapis had a lot more time, and a Peridot, to teach her the wonders of Earth. The new Lapis’ take everything she shows them and use these new powers and transformations against her. They attack Lapis, Steven and the planet. CG Lapis loses her cool and fights back, becoming a mega water transformation and showcasing her enormous power. She’s about to take the two cowering gems out, when Steven and the bulbs fear bring her back. She apologies, she knows better now.

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The two Lapis’ agree to stop destroying the planet after her awesome show of power. Disgusted, Lapis explains it was not power, but weakness. Power is listening, caring and trying. Steven tries for the last time to invite them to Little Homeworld, and they leave, allowing the bulbs to return to natural life.

Back at Little Homeworld, Lapis is sad she lost her cool so quickly after working to change for so long. Steven consoles her, and suddenly the warp pad lights up. One of the two Lapis gems wants to learn about Little Homeworld, and the new future Steven is creating.

Steven Universe Future Recap Why So Blue. Wasn’t it brilliant to have real Lapis time tonight? And what about those adorable bulbs. I’d be in love, if I didn’t miss Pumpkin so much.

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