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‘Steven Universe Future’ recap ‘Rosebuds’

Published on December 8th, 2019 | Updated on December 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

Steven Universe Future Episode 3 recap Rosebuds – Return of Rose Quartz? Steven is tired of living in Rose and Pink Diamond’s shadow.

Trying to figure out what to do with the portrait of Rose, Steven thinks it somehow doesn’t feel right to have her shadow hanging over them anymore. Greg and Amethyst are on hand to help when a literal shadow appears over the beach house.

Pink Diamonds Zooman space colony have managed to turn their spaceship in to a cruise ship and set sail for Earth. They make it very clear they still haven’t forgiven Greg for the Choosening ceremony, but invite Steven and Amethyst aboard. Amethyst is delighted to see the famethyst again and J10 explains that there’s another group on the ship who’d like to see Steven.

Steven is horrified to discover a room of newly unbubbled Rose Quartzes. Unnerved, he panics and invited them to lunch at the beach house.

Pearl, Garnet and Greg are having none of it but Steven feels bad as they haven’t done anything wrong. He invites them for a slumber party that goes wrong when they accidentally play Rose’s video and realise Steven’s disgusted by them.

The Rose’s go to leave, heartbroken, but Steven is able to apologise. Eventually the gems are honest and explain that they’re uncomfortable too. Steven realizes that they’ve all been suffering in the same way and that they’ve all been living in Rose’s Shadow. He’s been viewing them as 3 versions of her, but they’re just like him. They’re all living with the consequences of her actions and more like siblings. The Rose Quartzes leave, promising to visit again, and Steven decided the Rose portrait is better off in Lion’s mane.

What did you think of all the new gems? Will Steven ever be able to escape his mother’s shadow?

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