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Stephen Amell says the theme of ‘Arrow’ Season 6 is Family

Published on May 28th, 2017 | Updated on May 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

Stephen Amell greeted many Arrow fans this weeekend at Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London, all anticipating the show’s upcoming finale this week (it premiers later in London).

He sat down on a panel in front of a large crowd of fans to talk about the season.

When a fan asked him who his favorite villain is, he first carefully asked if Josh Segarra (who plays the season’s biggest villain, Adrian Chase/Prometheus) was around. “Is Josh right behind me?”

He followed up with thinking back to all the villains Oliver has gone up against, “I don’t think of John (Barrowman) as a villain so much. I thought this year between Oliver and Adrian. Just the fact that we were able to button up so much of the story. I ended up in a deep dive of reaction videos of the season finale. Everyone as they’re watching the finale go, “Full circle. Full Circle. Full Circle. Season ONE!” So I think that Josh and the Prometheus villain probably fit very best into a season.”

Emily Bett Rickards joined Stephen on the panel and he told the crowd that Rickards is secretly a good singer. Emily admitted she would definitely like to get involved on the musical crossovers-as long as John Barrowman was involved.

Robbie Amell also crashed the stage and anounced that the first day of principal photography for Code 8 is this Thursday! The two announced their collaboraton on their new film at a Heroes Fan Fest last year with a trailer, and fans have been awaiting details on the project.

Amell also talked themes. “The theme of season five is “legacy.” From what I understand the theme of season 6 is “family”.

Stephen also said that although he loves the action scenes of Arrow, his favorite are the scenes that make you stop in your tracks, where two peole are one on one.

What did you think of the season?

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