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Stephen Amell Reveals a Bat Signal Scene Cut From the Elseworlds Crossover Event

Published on December 1st, 2018 | Updated on December 2nd, 2018 | By FanFest

Fan Fest San Jose is in full swing at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center December 1st and 2nd, and Stephen Amell talked all things Arrow and even some of the upcoming crossover event which fans are anticipating.

When discussing the appearance of Ruby Rose, he remembered a scene that he believes won’t make it into the final crossover that involves the one and only bat signal.

In the scene, Oliver and Barry (switched) see a Bat Signal and one of them takes it more seriously than the other.

There was a line that was cut, I think it was because I made fun of the Bat Signal. Grant points to the Bat Signal and he goes, “Huh?” and I go, “So what? It’s a stupid signal.”

(Perhaps taking a jokes page from Titans, in which they infamously say “**ck Batman.”)

No word on why the Bat Signal was shining, but it’s most likely calling for Batwoman.

In a recent preview for the crossover event, we see Barry and Cisco when they first encounter the new hero.

Cisco is in the midst of dismissing rumors of Batman as nothing more than an urban legend. A breakout happens in Arkham Asylum, and Batwoman is then called by bat Signal to face the two.

“That’s…not Batman,” says Barry (who is currently still dressed as Green Arrow).

“No, it is not,” Cisco complies. Meanwhile, Batwoman is staring them down.

It’s been thought that Batman had been missing for three years, and now the two are about to find out who has been defending the city while he’s gone.

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Arrow airs Sunday nights on The CW. Elseworlds crossover event will start on Sunday the 9th of December with The Flash, then move to Arrow on Monday the 3rd, and conclude with Supergirl on Tuesday the 4th. They all air at 8 PM.


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