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Stephen Amell Praises the Spirit of Fans at London Event In Shadow of Manchester Attack

Published on May 30th, 2017 | Updated on May 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest London went on without a hitch this weekend, even while many in London were shocked and scared to hear of the attack that happened at a Manchester concert the previous weekend. Along with many large scale events, Heroes & Villains still brought in the several actors and thousands of attendees to enjoy a fun for fans weekend at the Kensington Olympia exhibition center-not without upping their security policies big time to ensure the safety of all involved.

The energy at the event was pretty spectacular. It’s always wonderful to see fans young and old having the time of their lives, talking to their favorite actors who may on any other given day, seem untouchable.

The events are extremely family oriented, more so than others and the Fan Fest team prides themselves on that. Even the staff who puts the events on is very tight knit. Con goer friends often refer to each other as their families as well, which makes for a really amazing spirit when attending these events.

The Green Arrow and event headliner Stephen Amell, who stayed an hour (plus) past his call time Sunday night signing autographs and meeting fans, addressed the strength of everyone several times. He ended his Sunday panel with this.

“This weekend was going to be special regardless of what happened two days ago. But your spirit, your participation and just the general joy and enthusiasm that you guys have brought to this weekend is something that myself, James, Josh, Emily, Robbie-everyone that is here. It is something that we will never ever forget. You owe yourselves a giant round of applause. Thank you guys.”


They then added that the event would be back to London next year, hopefully around the same time.

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