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Stars of The Brady Bunch Reunite on The Today Show

Published on May 31st, 2017 | Updated on May 31st, 2017 | By FanFest

NBC’s TODAY / Nathan Congleton

Almost 50 years after The Brady Bunch premiered, some of the cast got together on The Today Show Tuesday morning to reminisce on their time on the show and how it helped shape their careers and futures.

The series wasn’t just important to fans, it was important to the cast and crew as well. In addition to reminiscing on the show itself, they also spoke fondly on their television mom, Florence Henderson. Carol was sort of the mom you wanted to be as you grew up watching The Brady Bunch, it was easy to love her.

Florence passed away in November of 2016 from heart failure and her presence is still felt by those who knew and loved her. Her spirit lives on through her legacy and through Carol Brady, one of the best tv moms in entertainment history.

Christopher Knight said this of Florence.
She was great humanity. Everyone she met felt better about themselves and the world around them after spending a moment with Florence.’

Barry Williams added to Christopher’s statement.
She was a mentor, a friend. We learned from her. We learned how to interact with the public. She was so gracious with her fans and we all learned how to do that graciously.’

Carol wasn’t just a television mom, she was also a guiding spirit on set for anyone who needed it. When you work that closely together for one season or for five, you share parts of yourself with those around you. This wasn’t a show that actors and actresses played their parts in and walked away from – the characters grew up on the show as they grew up in their own lives.

Today, This Is Us is a family show today that has defining and standout qualities, but The Brady Bunch was the show of years past that had the same vibe, without being forced or fake. Other shows as inspiring and wholesome are few and far between, but it just stands as a testament to how important it is to be part of something like The Brady Bunch.

‘Florence could light up the room and lighten the mood, and she just did it naturally and we all benefitted from that.’ Mike Lookinland said about Florence, and we have to say that doesn’t surprise us at all. She seemed like the type of person that had a shining personality.

You can see the cast reunion on the Today Show here.

Did you watch The Brady Bunch while you were growing up? Which character was your favorite? Let us know.

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