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Stargirl: Joy Osmanski Talks Season 2! We’re Getting A Way Darker Show As Stargirl Joins The Arrowverse

Published on June 1st, 2021 | Updated on June 1st, 2021 | By FanFest

Stargirl season 2 is almost here, and we’re expecting an entirely different show. Okay, not completely different but it will certainly have undergone some changes since its first season. Now, actress Joy Osmanski talks season 2 ahead of the debut in a few months.

Season 2 is going to introduce some new villains, including Eclipso and Shade. Others will return too, such as Sportsmaster and Tigress. Joy Osmanski actually plays Tigress, and she’s been sharing TONS of info. She says the series will be way darker in its new season.

“I feel like in the second season, shows have an opportunity to go deeper and darker and I think we’re going to see some of that in terms of the evil forces at work. In season one, Tigress and Sportsmaster are bad guys but man, compared to some of what’s going to happen in season two, it’s not even close.” Osmanski told Digital Spy.

The Tigress went on to talk about Eclipso, and how he’s bringing with him an evil that she finds “very disturbing”.

“For me personally, the kind of evil that this character manifests is something that I find very disturbing, and I think people will find very relevant to our current socio-political climate, I have to say. I saw the parallels immediately, but I will be interested to see how fans respond to this character, but he’s scary. He’s really scary.”

This isn’t the first time that Osmanski has discussed the darkness coming in season 2. She previously revealed to Orlando’s WESH 2 that the season will be so dark she won’t let her own children watch it.

“Season two, it just gets a lot darker, which is such a fun thing for a show to have an opportunity to do, and I will say that the evil forces at work are genuinely scary, like, my children will not be coming anywhere near season two. It’s scary,” Osmanski said.

All of these changed were actually teased at the end of Stargirl’s first season. We saw Cindy find the black diamond that Eclipso was sealed away in. Between Cindy, Eclipso, and Shade the J.S.A will certainly have their work cut out for themselves.

Geoff Johns, the creator of Stargirl and one of the showrunners, has been discussing season 2 as well. As early as last year’s New York City Comic-Con he was dropping hints about the second season.

“It’s such a different, darker, scarier threat because the threat is… Cindy is one thing, and she’s got the Black Diamond and were obviously going to explore that. But the thing inside is, this entity that’s trapped, this ancient being that feeds off humanity’s own sins and grief and fear and darkness is trapped in this Black Diamond and has been there for a long, long time and is aching to do what he does and feed off the darkness within humanity.”

“It’s going to take a lot to confront it, and it’s going to take the JSA and every one of our wonderful characters to a place that’s going to be tough for them to explore,” Johns continued. “So, I’m excited about it, but Eclipso is one of my very favorite villains from the comic books. In the comic books, he’s had a history with Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite and the JSA too, but we’ll see!”

If you’re curious you can catch season 1 of Stargirl on HBO Max. Season 2 will hit The CW on August 10.

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