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Star Wars Theory Elevates Ahsoka to a Level Greater Than Any Jedi

Published on February 26th, 2023 | Updated on February 26th, 2023 | By FanFest

Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s former Padawan, could very well become the greatest Jedi in Star Wars history. Introduced in the animated movie ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, Ahsoka has unsurprisingly grown to be one of the most influential characters within this legendary franchise. Voiced by Ashley Eckstein and now portrayed on-screen by Rosario Dawson, Ahsoka served as Anakin’s apprentice during his tenure with the Clones War. After becoming disenchanted with the Order of the Jedi, Ahsoka managed to endure and persevere throughout The Empire’s rule during the Dark Times. In fact, she even narrowly escaped death at Darth Vader’s hands when her companion Ezra Bridger utilized a mysterious portal known as the World Between Worlds to preserve her life. Since then, she’s gone on to become an integral player in both The Mandalorian and its related multimedia series.

Ahsoka has been absent from the Jedi Order for decades and it appears she still harbors no intention of rejoining. Despite her live-action entrance in “The Jedi” episode of Season 2, examination reveals that Ahsoka intentionally avoided verifying herself as a member. Although we saw her subsequently at Luke Skywalker’s newly established Temple on Ossus, there were zero indications that she wished to help reform the order either. This raises the exciting possibility Ahsoka is on a journey that will turn her into something else, something far more powerful.


Star Wars Rebels Gave A Glimpse Of Ahsoka’s Future

Ahsoka’s potential future was briefly revealed in Star Wars Rebels. The series finale of the show moved forward to a time when Ahsoka recruited Sabine Wren for their mission to save rebel Ezra Bridger, capturing most viewers’ attention and leaving them eager to see what happens next in Ahsoka’s upcoming Disney+ TV show featuring Rosario Dawson as Ahsokas alongside Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Sabine Wren. With expectations high, we can only hope that this new exploration will be every bit as exciting and captivating? Ahsoka’s garb is just as important to her image, particularly since she wears a white robe and carries an unfamiliar staff instead of the iconic lightsaber.

Dave Filoni of Lucasfilm has made a solid connection between this Ahsoka design and Gandalf the White from The Lord of the Rings. Notably, she carries white lightsabers which imply something far more significant: an unseen transformation in Star Wars’ history. Although we cannot yet see it manifesting on The Mandalorian era as her garb remains gray and her weapons are still sabers instead of a staff, Ahsoka’s destiny hints at greater things to come! When asked about it, Filoni suggested that the stories were being told out of sequence – a classic narrative style for Star Wars. This implies then that Ahsoka’s future is coming soon; this was further evidenced by the epilogue of Star Wars Rebels which indicated it had been years since Sabine and Ahsoka last saw each other.

Star Wars: Ahsoka Star Rosario Dawson Wasn't a Fan of Her Sin City Costumes

The World Between The Worlds Could Be The Key To Ahsoka’s Transformation

This brings us to contemplate what kind of experience could have such a tremendous effect on Ahsoka. The most likely possibility is that she will go back to the World Between the Worlds, an enigmatic realm located outside space and time which reliably takes form in black and white hues. Although viewers had formerly assumed the World Between the Worlds could only be accessed through a long-gone Force vergence on Lothal, Disney+’s series Andor revealed that this isn’t necessarily true. It showed images of debris from other Jedi temples inscribed with logos related to this realm, suggesting there are additional vergences where Force-sensitives can enter into it.

It is no accident that the Ahsoka Disney+ TV show logo resembles the World Between the Worlds; after all, Ezra Bridger saved Ahsoka from certain death in battle by using this realm as a form of time travel. There have been persistent rumors that the franchise will delve into and explore this universe further—and given how close it is to Ahsoka’s backstory, there may be more revelations about her past revealed! In Star Wars, Ahsoka must confront an assortment of alternate realities and gain knowledge into the true essence of reality itself. This experience brings a unique transformation in her character; leading her to replace traditional Jedi robes with a totally new look. We can conclude that the visions she witnesses are responsible for this alteration in appearance and behavior.

Jedi Draw On The Living Force, But Ahsoka Could Become Tied To The Cosmic Force

Since Ahsoka Tano left the Jedi during the Clone Wars, she has been on a unique journey. All evidence suggests this will culminate in her transformation into “Ahsoka the White”, echoing Gandalf’s story arc. By venturing to what is known as The World Between Worlds, Ahsoka could be granted access to Force abilities that no other current-era Force user has ever experienced before – one where all time and space are revealed unto her sight. Jedi usually interact with the Living Force, a power source that originates from all living things, as Yoda explains. However, there is an additional area of the Force known as the Cosmic Force and gaining access to it could give Ahsoka a special link via The World Between Worlds.

The Cosmic Force, the manifestation of destiny and will, has been known to bring people who are its vessels closer to it. Anakin Skywalker was one such example; he stood at the center of the Force’s endless power as a vergence in himself. Ahsoka Tano may be destined for something similar with her experience in that Mystical Place between Worlds – she could gain an overpowering strength like no other due to tapping into another aspect of The Force previously unseen! Her natural abilities would be adapted accordingly, thus altering how we view them forevermore. With the Force providing her insight into people’s emotions, Ahsoka Tano would have a greater recognition of their destinies. After leaving the Jedi Order and becoming something new – potentially one-of-a kind – she could be joined by another if they too entered the World Between Worlds.

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