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Star Wars: ‘The Mandalorian’ Left A Boom Mic In An Episode

Published on December 4th, 2019 | Updated on December 4th, 2019 | By FanFest

The Mandalorian is a massive success for Star Wars and Disney+.  The show is massively popular, a critical success among fans and critics, and made a green baby into a cultural phenomenon.  However, a viewer caught a production slip up during episode four of The Mandalorian. During a conversation between the Mandalorian (Pedor Pascal) and Omera (Julia Jones), there’s a boom mic exposed at the top of the shot.

The fourth episode, titled, ‘Sanctuary’ and is directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. Howard recently told Entertainment Weekly that, “Getting to be a director, part of The Mandalorian, it’s been like…Jon [Favreau] didn’t even know that about me,” said Howard. “It was a dream come true on so many levels. He’s a brilliant filmmaker, but a better mentor — he just wants to share in the excitement and passion of filmmaking and what’s possible. Nothing about it that’s proprietary. It’s let’s push this forward and see what else can happen. I was doing Dads at the same time I was shooting Mandalorian and the stuff I was learning from Jon Favreau was completely applicable to a documentary.”

Howard also spoke with IMDb about directing in this video:

The fan who saw the boom mic and posted the video, Hulkules 187, said, “Still love this show can’t believe my wife saw this!” He goes on in the video to describe the location of the boom mic and points to the fact that the mic is moving.

What do you think about this slip up?  Pretty amazing that these little errors still happen when there is so much attention to detail on shows like The Mandalorian.

Episode five of The Mandalorian will arrive on Disney+ this Friday, December 6.

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