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Star Wars Rebels: Twilight of the Apprentice

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The Force has gotten a lot
more…interesting. And for the



In the Season 2

finale of “Star Wars Rebels,” we, the audence are left with a lot of great

interplay between the Jedi and
“Old Master,” lessons on how to be a Sith, and a
battle that we have been
waiting for since the end of Season
5 of “Star Wars:
The Clone Wars” concluded with Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan,
Ahsoka Tano, walked
from the temple. Oh yes, and somehow Maul continues to live on in the Star

Wars Universe.

Kanan and Ezra make their way to Malachor to seek
out knowledge on how to
defeat the Sith, which turns out
they can from the Sith
temple on the planet. However, during a battle with
an unknown Inquisitor (or as
know them, the Empire’s “Sith Squad” (yes, I know they are not technically

Sith, but they’re pretty much
close to it)) who happens to be there “hunting,”
Ezra is seperated from
Ahsoka and Kanan and run’s into

Maul seems to
have been waiting for some time for another Force
wielder, or someone who is
at least able to access the dark
side of the Force in
order to also access the Sith temple. How he got there
and what happened to Maul

after the events in the final season of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and the
of Dathomir comic series
, is unknown at this time
(could possibly be
speculated on in future episode(s)
of Rebels, comics and/or
books). What becomes abundently clear is Maul’s
chemistry with Ezra and how

this seemingly budding friendship between them would play out in later
(and possibly play out
next season). However, both Ezra (who recieved some
training on the dark
side of the Force from Maul) and
Maul enter the Sith temple
(as Maul points out, the temple was designed that
only two could enter,

something which Maul reminds us is the Sith way (Quick refresher: the Sith

believe in the “Rule of Two,”
which is that there can only be one master and one
apprentice)). After being
able to obtain the Sith holocron
(refresher: just like
the Jedi, a holocron is an object that contains
knowledge and information from a

Sith on the ways of the Force. For the Jedi, it is information on the “light

side.” For the Sith, it is
the “dark side”), Maul and Ezra meet up with Ahsoka
and Kanan. Both Ahsoka
and Kanan have learned that the
reason the unnamed
inquisitor was at the temple to hunt for “a shadow”
(which in the end turns out
to be

What occurs from this point and the battle that occurs at
top of the Sith temple is a
discussion on the nature of the Force and
trusting in the Force. On one
side, Maul is seemingly trying to
push Ezra
towards the dark side of the Force, while Kanan is nervous about
trusting Maul,
and he
discusses this is with Ahoska. She reminds Kanan to trust in Ezra because
trained Ezra. On the other hand,
while Ezra and Maul make their way to the
top, Maul kills the Seventh Sister
after he tries to get Ezra to do
kill her,
but couldn’t. Maul then sends Ezra to the top of the temple so
they could
unlock the Sith
holocron to unlock the secrets within (to defeat the Sith and
the Empire).
However, after Maul goes to aid
Kanan and Ahsoka and kills the
Fifth Brother (and lead to the death of the
unnamed inquisitor), he reveals
true plan, which was to turn Ezra into his apprentice and use the Sith
which is also “a
weapon” to destory his enemies (guessing that would be Darth
Vader, Darth
Sidious and the Empire, to name a
few). In the ensuing battle,
Kanan is blinded, but puts on what looks like a
Jedi temple guard helmet and use

it as a way to calm himself and gather enough strenth to defeat Maul.
Ahsoka runs up to Ezra
to try and stop the Sith holocron from being put

Meanwhile, after
Ezra places the Sith holocron
into the top part of
the temple, he realizes that he was tricked. He runs to
tell Kanan and Ahsoka;

however, he is met by a familiar face…. Darth Vader.

Vader, summoned by the
inquisitors (before their
demise), engages
Ezra and is about to finish him off, when Ahsoka makes it
to the top and engages


Yes, the moment many have wondered about since the end of
Wars: The Clone Wars” and
the annoucement of “Star Wars Rebels:” was Ahsoka
going to fight Darth Vader
(aka Anakin Skywalker. Oh yes,
for the handful of you
who do not know this, spoiler alert!)?

I will not talk about
the fight itself or whether

Ahsoka lived or not (considering that is something that is also discussed);

however, the aftermath, as
mentioned, is that Kanan is blinded (for now), Darth
Maul survives his
battle with Kanan and escapes on a
stolen inquisitor tie
fighter, Kanan and Ezra were able to remove the Sith
holocron from the temple
return to Chopper Base. Oh yes, we get this shot of Ezra’s eyes with the

Sith holocron….

Can’t wait for
Season 3 of “Star Wars Rebels!”

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