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One Enterprise-G Upgrade Can Resurrect a Star Trek: Picard Favorite in a Surprising Way

Published on October 12th, 2023 | Updated on October 12th, 2023 | By FanFest

A Possible Revival: The USS Enterprise-G’s Need for a Unique Bartende

One Enterprise-G Upgrade Can Resurrect a Star Trek: Picard Favorite in a Surprising Way

A recent USS Enterprise-G upgrade might just bring back a beloved character from Star Trek: Picard in an exciting way. In a heartwarming twist, after the reunion of Star Trek: The Next Generation crew to save the galaxy once more in Picard season 3, the USS Titan-A was rechristened as the Enterprise in tribute to Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). If the potential spin-off series, Star Trek: Legacy, gets the green light, it’s expected to follow Captain Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) and her crew aboard the USS Enterprise-G, which includes Ensign Jack Crusher (Ed Speleers), Picard’s son.

Even though the Enterprise-G is already an incredibly advanced starship, there’s one particular feature it should inherit from the Enterprise-D. In a poignant moment from Star Trek: Picard season 3, episode 4, titled “No Win Scenario,” the Titan found itself in a perilous situation within the treacherous Ryton Nebula, with no apparent solution in sight. In this tense moment, many of the crew accepted their fate. The officers of the Titan then gathered on the holodeck, which had been configured to resemble Guinan’s (Whoopi Goldberg) Ten Forward bar in Los Angeles. This scene was one of the standout moments in Picard season 3, as Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick) recounted his harrowing experiences during the Battle of Wolf 359. It’s a strong indication that the Enterprise-G, following its transformation from the Titan-A, should have its own unique bar.

Enterprise-G Needs Its Own Bar Like TNG’s Enterprise-D & Strange New Worlds

Star Trek 4

The USS Enterprise-G could greatly benefit from a real bar or lounge upgrade. Imagine having a holographic bartender like Liam Shaw. Back in the days of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), the crew of the Enterprise-D loved hanging out in Ten Forward, a bar usually tended by the wise Guinan. It was a place where they could gather for drinks, go on dates, and chat with their fellow crew members. Guinan, with her long and fascinating life as an El-Aurian, often provided invaluable advice.

In the more recent Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, the Port Galley serves as a lavish recreational bar space on Captain Christopher Pike’s Enterprise. Unlike Captain Picard, Captain Pike sometimes hosts crew members for dinner, but it’s still crucial for them to have a common space to socialize and relax.

The Port Galley bar, notably, takes the spotlight in a fantastic musical episode of Strange New Worlds, where Nurse Christine Chapel delivers a showstopping musical performance. Whether the Enterprise-G crew plans to put on dance routines or not, they should have a similar space to unwind during their downtime. A holodeck lounge isn’t the best idea, given the history of holodeck malfunctions. What they truly need is a dedicated lounge area where they can kick back and perhaps seek wisdom from a knowledgeable bartender.

Shaw Should Come Back As Enterprise-G’s Bartender

New Star Trek Movie Cancelled by Paramount

The USS Enterprise-G might introduce a unique bartender, a holographic Liam Shaw. Captain Shaw, a fan favorite in Star Trek: Picard season 3, met a tragic end in the penultimate episode. But there are plans for Shaw’s return in Star Trek: Legacy, as confirmed by showrunner Terry Matalas and actor Todd Stashwick. They haven’t disclosed the details yet, but a hologram seems a logical way to bring Shaw back. Picture Liam as a bartender steering folks away from Château Picard wine, which could be quite amusing.

While Shaw could be an Emergency Engineering Hologram, it might limit him to just engineering tasks, which could be redundant. As a bartender, Liam could interact with the entire crew, helping them with their problems. Unlike someone like Guinan, Shaw lacks patience, making him a unique advisor. His holographic form would retain his sarcastic wit and somewhat abrasive personality, making him a hilariously endearing bartender. This role could also continue his journey from Star Trek: Picard, as he works through his traumatic past and reconciles with the new Captain Seven.

Quick summary

  • The article delves into the possibility of Captain Liam Shaw’s return in a new Star Trek series set on the USS Enterprise-G, following his tragic end in Star Trek: Picard. It emphasizes the importance of a distinct bar or lounge area on the Enterprise-G, similar to the iconic Ten Forward on the Enterprise-D, for the crew’s socialization and relaxation.
  • The article also explores the concept of introducing a holographic bartender like Liam Shaw, detailing the potential advantages of such a character. It considers how this holographic character could interact with the crew, provides a unique advisory role, and maintains Shaw’s distinct personality. Additionally, it discusses the prospects and challenges of reintroducing Captain Shaw in this role as the Enterprise-G’s bartender in the new series.

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