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Stan Lee Will no Longer do Public Signings

Published on August 12th, 2018 | Updated on August 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

Stan Lee has been attending public events for decades, meeting fans and signing for them. As his health has come into question, the next logical step is for him to take a step back from those events.

Desert Wind Comics and Celestial Comics has put out the following message to keep his fans updated:

As many of you know, Stan Lee has been getting older and as such signing opportunities are getting rarer. And getting books signed that are eligible for CGC Signature Series Grading is becoming more difficult. The exact date and location of this signings will not be announced for security reasons. So we are simply authorized to announce accepting books early and will accept books up to the deadline, so submit early so you don’t get caught by surprise and miss the signing.


They’ve organized his latest signing in a way that will keep him as safe and healthy as possible, and it comes at a price.

The price to get a modern tier book signed and graded is $180. That price includes grading of a modern tier book, our witnessing and handling fee and Stan’s signing fee. Non-graded comic books or raw items like posters and toys are priced beginning at $160 and depend on the size and value of the item.
The submission form deadline is August 18th, 2018.

During the Silicon Valley Comic Con, Stan Lee was unable to sign his name, resorting to asking his business partner, Keya Morgan the best way to do it. This raised concerns and so it seems the steps his team are taking are in his best interest.

Bleeding Cool spoke to Jonathan Bolerjack, who used to work for Stan’s ex-business manager Max Anderson, and who is one of the people currently looking after Stan. He that Stan Lee will no longer be participating in public signings, however, private signings will continue.

“To be very clear, Stan is 100% not doing any conventions / public signings. In the last few years his well being had been compromised by people for monetary gain and that practice is over.
His private signings had also been paused for a month while Stan’s life gets back to normal and time could be given to review signing deals made by previous people involved in Stan’s life.”

If you are dying to meet Stan, you will still be able to participate in the private signings, but his days of public appearances are gone!


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