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Squid Game: Chicago to Host Real-Life Squid Game — But without the Death Part

Published on November 6th, 2021 | Updated on November 6th, 2021 | By FanFest

A real-life Squid Game event will soon be underway here in the U.S., minus all the deaths of course.

The South Korean survival drama is Netflix’s biggest series launch of all time, estimated to have reached an estimated 142 million homes around the world and expected to rake in around $900 million for the streaming service.

It follows financially destitute people who get recruited to a macabre contest by a shadowy organization. The 456 competitors are promised a life-changing sum of $38 million if they succeed in a series of children’s games. But if they lose, they die.

Now the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago is apparently inviting people for “Those who want to play Squid Game, come this way,” according to WGBF-AM.

The event is happening on Saturday, Nov. 6, and will be divided into six game stations that will include “Squid Game,” “Honeycomb,” “Marbles,” “Ddakji,” “Tug of War” and “Red Light, Green Light.”

But not to worry, you won’t be sentenced to death for losing at any of the games. Sadly, there also isn’t a giant piggy bank in the sky to act as a carrot on a string for you, either. But there will be food.

You can find the Eventbrite link for tickets right here.

Watch all nine episodes of Squid Game on Netflix now.


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